Dear lovers: Lorak welcomed the network of pictures by the famous singer Ruiseach Sergey Lazarev – the latest news on showcase events


Singer Ukrainian, Ani Lorak, who lives and works in Russia, has put a new image on the network. On the occasion, she works with the Russian singer Sergei Lazarev.

In the picture, the artist is posted on her Instagram page, she is standing by Lazarev, and she captures her calmly.

"They say that a relationship does not happen in a show business, but I say it's happening! I keep promising, when I ask you, a picture by my kindred friend, "wrote Lorac.

Netizens noted that this may not be friendships that are the only artists link.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Ani Lorak received another prestigious Russian prize in the Kremlin for a song about breaking up. Employers who found a hidden effect in the artist's exhibitions. Her followers in the network noted that the word is false and after that Ani was having problems in her family.

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