Death and injury


A bad impact on this morning began today from Monday, February 11, 2019, in Tambacounda in the Dépôt district, between PUR security guardians and the Goat activists. Everything started with a story about enterprise enterprise posters. The "Purists" want the logo "PUR" by their candidate Issa Sall to connect to a wall already in the colors of April. Highlights of some decisions and voice climb between the two camps. Contrasting each other was quick to stop the worst things happening.

After an hour then I did not. got out of hand before the caravan hit the road back to Bakel. The campaigners of the invasion activists open to some of the members, ordering them to clear their vision. At this time, he embarked on a arm within the PUR transition to the corporate retention of journalists. The conversation from this event, between casting stones, clubs, iron bar, machetes will begin with the compassionate conversation in the Tamba Depot area. A man from April was killed as a result of his wound. He would be the special Ibou Diop in his thirty years.

Finally, the caravan will be broken before it is captured again by young people who have a Jakarta-bicycle community, strongly determined to be able to; revenge of their fellow citizen.

Nowadays some roads are blocked by burned fireworks, the PUR march is still blocked in traffic so that the police force can restore things as usual …

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