Death disease spreads in Lithuania: there are no drugs so far


In January this year, 18 breeding cases are recorded. Patients include 9 non-vaccinated children due to parental decision or have not yet reached the age of 15 months for a child's vaccine.

It may be fatal

Daiva Razmuviene, Head of the Immunosilution Unit at the Center for Conceptive Diseases and AIDS, says that vaccines can only break the control of a measles and can cause a disease; Acute careless to cause death disease.

There is no cure for this disease, so parents should forget to uncover the unpublished information about vaccines in the science and science literature; cares for the welfare of children, by D. Razmuviene. "Dimensions in Lithuania are rapidly spread.

Last year, the first diseases were after traveling abroad. Last year, there were 30 people in Lithuania, and this year, in January alone, we have 18 cases, "says the immunologist.

Parents are harming

However, if vaccines may prevent infection, Which is totally impossible for all drugs, why do parents want to provide children with a vaccine and do not seek to protect them?

"Parents' views of children who do not have a vaccine usually come after the poor information to the public. Parents do not sometimes think that the child has a heavy burden virus infection, which may affect death. It can cause bumps, "said the immunologist.

She is not hiding – those parents who face their vaccines and vaccines themselves; The first one that brings children into a vaccine after experiencing heavy deaths or complicated cases.

"When a rash, a rash or other dead illness starts, parents who have been diagnosed with their vaccine will initially receive their own children. sorry that such things need to be remembered only when there is a problem, "said Razmuviene.

Herbaceous is very interesting

18 cases of illness were recorded in Lithuania this year. According to ULAC data, most of the diseases – 9 cases – were recorded in the Vilnius administrative area (one of which will be introduced from Ukraine), six cases – in the administrative department of Kaunas, three cases – in the Utena administrative district.

Measles have a rare disease, a total of emergency, a system that causes a skin breach, and spread through the air. According to the WHO, until 1980, Before the launch of a global vaccine, 2.6 million patients were recorded annually. crushed death.

2017 Across the world, 110,000 deaths of acute disease. people. The highest level of death death is recorded in the group of under 5s.

The only measure of protection against the disease is a vaccine. ULAC doctors will attract passenger attention to the need to & # 39; caring for themselves and their children's vaccination before going to these foreign countries.

According to scientific studies, long-term protection was demonstrated after 2 drops of the intermittent, epidemic diseases, a rubella vaccine.

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