"Death from air pollution or smoking"


Across the world there are 8.8 million people a year, according to a German survey published in the European Heart Journal.

The number of deaths two times higher than previously measured. "Air pollution is an increasing cause of death in smoking," said German teacher Thomas Münzel who was involved in the Guardian survey. On average, a person's life is shortened by two years.

According to latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 7 million people die all over the world as a result of smoking. Münzel: "But individual smoking can be stopped, no air pollution."

For the new survey, three types of research data are collated: to indicate by air pollution, population density and adverse air impact on health. Europe is likely to be getting worse than the global average.

Heart disease

Most people suffer from cardiovascular disease as a result of air pollution. They risk a heart attack for stroke. 7 per cent of victims died of lung cancer. At another 7%, a large grip caused him to catch.

The researchers decide that grain content in the atmosphere needs to be reduced to comply with the WHO guidelines.

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