Death of adenovirus at the University of Maryland: Olivia Paregol's parents say that the university's health center did not test for adenovirus despite signs


COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – The parents of Maryland University students who died after the adenovirus was contracted to talk about the location of a mill on the environment that they are; believe to add to her death. The speech Olivia Paregol died last week following complaints about flu symptoms. Her parents, Iain and Meg Paregol, also tell CBS News Jer Jerrya Duncan that the university's health center did not test their daughter for adenovirus despite his symptoms and learning the first episode of the illness before the day before Olivia's visit. Health officials say they have identified three new issues in Maryland students.

Olivia found out about Crohn's illness before he came to college and gave a pharmacist, which her father says she has weakened her defense system. Within weeks when they start school, he says that Olivia has started to disturb her and her. top disturbance in the dorm room in Elkton Hall

"You would see [the mold]On the west side he was on his shoes … She was on board. He was in every place, "said Ian.

"Yeah, he would collect their shoes at night," said Meg.

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<p>    Kyle Rumsey is among the new students who told us he also found his / her. model in his sleeping room. <br /><strong><br /></strong>"I'd have red eyes when I woke up. I would have a tissue neck," said Rumsey. </p>
<p>    The university said that it began to "get more than average norms of mold" through the class; starting on September 16. Five days later, officers started to move over 500 students from Elkton Hall until the teams finished on October 10. <br /><strong><br /></strong>"There should be more publicity and prominence in the roof," said Ian. "It was not just ready to go – & # 39; O, we'll clean it. Do not worry. & # 39;"</p>
<p>It's not the same case, according to parents of Olivia. </p>
<p>University officials said they had learned about their first case of adenovirus on November 1. The next day, Olivia went to the university's health center to bother her problem. No one, said the Paregols, is proven for adenovirus.</p>
<p>    "They do not connect the same dot," Hmm, this student is completely protected, every adenovirus has a signal, we've been diagnosed with adenovirus, or she's just – will add we went home. "</p>
<p>    Finally, Olivia was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital, but <span class=died on November 18After her parents said that doctors telling them they knew they had adenovirus, they would have given her a cure – something her parents believed they saved Olivia's life .

"We've called for days and then we'll go ahead and then we believe. And it's just – this should not be done," said Ian.

They buried the girl three days ago.

"You can not think, you know, trying to attack a piece for your daughter," said Ian. "Not what is expected to work."

"I think she got a real place for her," said Meg about her daughter who was studying the university's ecology. "That brings me a lot of comfort to find out that she has a joy in life."

The University of Maryland stated that the diseases related to adenovirus on campas were found in students living on and on the campus and among the students in blackhouses affected and not hit at the top.

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