Death of Mawda: A conservation committee is very clear about the use of firearms in allegations


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Committee P welcomed Tuesday in his report about the death of his little Mawda, who happened on his / her; Last May in a promise between the law and a full ban of migrants on the Mons road, very strong reasons for firearm use in such situations. Committee P Investigation – the body oversight of control over policing services – specifically focusing on the communication and co-ordination problems that occurred during the course of the year. protested on the road, except for the hunting event. – what is the subject of a separate legal investigation.

The authority oversees control of police services, after going back over the history of the events that followed the disaster, has its strongest reasons for the use of firearms long & # 39; he worked. .

The subject is subject to strict regulations that provide "the use of firearms in a mobile vehicle except where it is absolutely necessary and to take account of environment and dangers have the hunting itself, "the report remembers.

The decision to use a firearm to stop the escape of a vehicle must also be assessed in accordance with the dangers that may be in such a decision and the dangers involved to leave her & # 39; questioned vehicle.

A note from the 2016 Police Directorate also describes the steps that will be taken to prevent the running of a vehicle. Although the last note opposes the rules that have been made; Previously, in relation to the use of firearms, the two documents express reasons for this use.

The P Committee also creates a series of recommendations that should follow up to improved interventions. The report argues for a better training program as well as agreeing on the rules that apply in this area.

The Committee will & # 39; make other recommendations to promote leadership and communication in such work.

Namur police officers had been aware that there were children in the van and, on the other hand, colleagues from Hainaut. In case: communication problems within the Astrid network. But the P's Committee believes that there are enough other communication channels but that staff need to be more familiar.

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