Deaths and injuries 6 people in anguish on the Khurma road – Rania


Citizen – Mecca

Three men died and three others were injured, after a terrible attack that came to a fire in the Khurma-Rania road, southeast of Taif.

In detail, Saudi Saudi Soldier Operating Room in Makkah Al Mukarramah reported on his / her; morning a fire accident occurred on the Khurma-Rania road, leaving a number of wounds and deaths.

Saudi Crescent Saudi spokesman in the Taif division Shadi bin Abed al-Tubaiti said: The message camera got the message and led the five emergency teams, Khalid Maith al-Harithi's ongoing range leader.

He said: When the emergency teams came out that the site suffered 6 issues, including 2 heavy injuries, and the other middle, and 3 God died and blessed them.

"Al-Thubaiti": A wound was dealt with in relation to the provision of ambulance service and was transferred to Rania General Hospital, and the deaths were transferred through the Commission's ambulance transport.

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