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2018 Kaohsiung Mayor Election The same debate will be held in the late 19th century. The blue and green candidates in Korea, Yu and Chen Qimai are in co-operation two hours. The second level will ask questions. Give a & # 39; The first question of the European question passed a "2-minute" problem, a fishing port, a petrochemical industry and other questions. Do not respond, let the web sites look stupid, "That's too intense, and so should they win?" Many people suggested that Chen Qimai was terribly and ordered. "I want to surrender, Chen Qimai is very beautiful, I understand Kaohsiung," I can not get a punch when I hit the opponent. "In particular, all Korean questions are & # 39; early completion, and the points "a & # 39; grind completely. "

In the second phase of the debate, ask me on each question in the # 39; first half. Chen Qimai worked well. "Fishing port" and "petrochemical industry" issues were harshly attacked. The laptop was quickly established and was the legislation; there. I'm so glad I lost Yu Korea for the wrong order of the argument. "Indeed you're asking questions, you're asking questions." I feel very bad. I do not have a & # 39; understand Kaohsiung.

▲ ▼ 2018 Kaohsiung High-Level Debate, Kaohsiung Big Debate, Chen Qimai. (Sanli Figure / Supply)

▲ ▼ Chen Qimai and South Korea had seized after the debate. (Figure / ETtoday)

▲ ► a & # debate; first half of the gameplay! It was clean

Netizens believes that Yu Korea is a " Give time to question always, let the Li Wenyi hospitality ask "Do you want to make the time up?" When I was happy, it was very sad. "I do not appreciate his / her answer, it's too tidy." The worst way is to change a subject. Compared to that, Chen Qimai's preparation is full, and has just been badly damaged, so that the opponent can not take it away. Shape now

Many people believe that it is an administrative resource; in Chen Qimaduo who is capable of all the information of his home government. But Yu can not South Korea, and is not open to Chorea. "I want to think!" The data source is winning The important reason is that the debt is 300 billion yuan; Although Yu Sheng does not get into Kaohsiung for a long time, faced with problems, he admits that there is a lack of development, and he has been lost in custody. "Kaohsiung people just hope that the DPP will have problems, solve the problem, and eliminate your advocacy for improvement, but it's been difficult, and I can not stand in the head. "

Netizens watched the debate and said they were watching the # 39; a boxing game. "You hit me and hit me. They did not hide them in protection. They were hurting directly on either side. Now it's more better than anyone who is bloody? "

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