Debts to private establishments: the state is due to pay another 3 billion in the coming days (Minister)


Dakar, November 26 (APS) – The Senegal State, which has paid a three-billion FCFA to private universities will welcome private barriers, pay the same amount in the days ahead to reduce the debts it pays for. 16 out to 10 billion FCFA, published on Monday, Higher Education Minister, Mary Teuw Niane.

Commemorated by the report of the Committee on Education, Youth, Sport and Entertainment of the National Assembly, the minister claims that State debts as a result of private institutions are assessed at 16 billion CFA francs.

This debt was to push these universities to repay students back by a state to pay an application. In response, the state-owned three-billion tax state decided.

Mary Teuw Niane commented that "a real conversation" is made by the head of those private institutions.

"From 2014, the state has paid more than $ 31 billion to private universities," said Niane, who shared his share on Monday in the National Assembly for a budget review 2019.

According to the report, he urged the leaders of private higher education institutes "to be aware, and return to action to abolish students".

In addition, the Minister revealed that 47,427 new graduates were sent to private higher education institutions from 2013 to 2018.

He also emphasized that the State's pay for all undergraduate students amounted to a sum of 400,000 CFA francs annually.

According to it, only 10% of keepers will be selected for their & # 39; master, at 600 000 CFA per year and every student.

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