Deer of trubbles


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Deer of trubbles

Posted by Sadiq al-Harz on the island on 18-11 – 2018

His first Hajar football team started his day-to-day training, after his / her. rest of the technical staff after the Najran game, the Alhajravi team won for free. The team started preparing for the next match against Qaisumah, which will be held on Tuesday evening at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium in Ahsa, A visit of the thirteenth class of the first class at Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Before the training began, the team manager «Abdullah Al-Janoubi» met the players, and explained the video the advantages and desserts of the team; to the last game against Najran. After that, the exercises started with fitness exercises through different stations. After that, the players put in place a number of technological practices in place for defense and invasion. The gamekeepers also received special training with a guard coach. Spaccips finished with splash in the middle of the pitch.
It is worth saying that the training was able to see the presence and continuity of the Chairman. Board of Directors, Mr Hamad Arifi, and a number of staff and lovers of their club.

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