Defeated Djokovic, Zverev won the ATP for the first time


Five days back in the band's platform, Djokovic defeated Zverev after two sets, the idea of ​​the world No. 1 still remains; hitting the German youth, but suddenly broke in the final. Follow Zverev after sending Federer in the semi-communications; Continue to play Nole in just two sets.

Zverev shows her true shape with the strength and desires of young people. At the same time, this is not a sustainable game for Noel, the Serbian player with so many disappointed mistakes, up to 20 mistakes, almost giving up the number of winners who have won e. Noel was badly protected in the second service, accounting for only 35% (8/23).

Zverev was first crowned at ATP's date

Zverev was first crowned at ATP's date

The ability was not both good, but as long as Zverev was able to; Leading the challenges of the game at one time, Djokovic had six hours to break a point for Serbia's progress. Four games. With a more sustainable style, Zverev has benefited.

"I can not say about it. This is the biggest title I've ever won," Zverev commented on his post after being the first German for the most prestigious ATP title – the title "Fifth Grand Slam". Boris Becker won in Frankfurt in 1995.

Zverev was playing with her & # 39; finals with a lot of stability, and Djokovic kept ahead in the first game, not to play. let his enemy go. After four good games in a row, Djokovic played in a bad game, leaving his enemy with his / her; first short-term and a & # 39; game. After breaking out in the cups, Zverev won 10 games easily and won 6-4.

Zverev won both Federer and Djokovic to reach ATP boundaries

Zverev won both Federer and Djokovic to reach ATP boundaries

The first two games of the set, the two players are unstable, and Djokovic will be able to play the game. going beyond the loss of the first game for service, and Zverev lost his / her. first game. After a 3-1 lead, Zverev Djokovic made many problems. Although the Serbian is a & # 39; taking part in fast games, Zverev has the gap between the two games up to the ninth game.

Djokovic's influence on 5-3, Djokovic became a force to be responsible when he was in a position; attend their game. Lean Serbia continued to & # 39; guide to a game, after having to & # 39; failure to play first game. Zverev was successful in the second round to save the 6-3 tour and finish his game in 1 hour 17 minutes.

Djokovic continues to finalize the year with the world spot No. 1

Djokovic continues to finalize the year with the world spot No. 1

ATP's youngest sportsman since Djokovic, who is also 21, was crowned in 2008, Zverev sent the clear message that he was ready to win the highest ranking of the ATP stars and start to & # 39; collect the highest prize.

Zverev is considered to be the most talented tennis player in the new era as Roger Federer, Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are going out. He has been convinced that he has been one of the great prizes with great prizes, but indeed Zverev has continued to reach a seasonal level of Grand Slam and must keep pace in the future to reach the & # 39; the summit. more success.

Despite the failure, Djokovic's good words still want his young opponent, he said after his / her; game: "There is a lot of professional tennis in our role. I hope I can prevent myself. It's enough time for him, wishing him all his success and getting more titles . "


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