Defender Nguyen Van Duong wants words … to Vietnam's businesses


Judge Nguyen Van Duong, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company The CNC Panel has the right to protect themselves.

So, in protecting yourself, protecting the person Nguyen Van Duong still require criminal liability and fight at the request of the Prevention (the request for two accounts) of the "organized gambling" and "cash vowel" allegations.

Previously, the Quest suggested resolving situations for Nguyen Van Duong that the defendant would have the best to explain their behavior and behavior, when investigated, resolving situations should be put in place for Both of the offenses are high.

Gamble Trillill Test: Nguyen Van Duong's words ... to Vietnamese campaigns

Defending Nguyen Van Duong at the lawsuit

So, its agency is Praise the sentence for Nguyen Van Duong 8 – 9 years is a crimes for organized crime, 3 – 4 years for cash glazing. Generally, it was proposed to be chairman of the CNC from 11 to 13 years in prison and VND1,655 billion was spent in unlawful salary.

"This is a great dish for me and the highest in this case," said the person Nguyen Van Duong "I know I'm responsible for setting up the games. I would like to find it, but I expect that the court will consider the probationary level of 8 to 9 years so close I can give the appropriate sentence to me. "

For the Money Disposal Act, this is a completely new offensive against Vietnamese businesses and so the person who attempts the lawyers would like to give emergency circumstances to the person. The General Prosecutor also considered to consider the situation of emergency for the crime against Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam as opposed to the law; Increased opposition to cleansing, As a result, people's understanding of this crime is unclear.

Nguyen Van Duong End of protection: "Whatever sentence I think depends on me. I do not use the right to appeal against their first decision. I want to have a word with Vietnamese businesses, in any situation they should know and protect the law to avoid matters.

Previously, when the procurator Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was a director of the Crime Division of High Tech Crime – C50), after Nguyen Thanh Hoa refused to deal with the C50, – attached to a & # 39; CNC Company Nguyen Van Duong says:

"With the head of CNC's responsibility, I expect the panel to make my decision as normal, although my penalty can be higher, but I accept it."

Gamble Trillill Test: Nguyen Van Duong's words ... to Vietnamese campaigns

Phan Trung Hoai's Solicitor, to protect Duong's legacy

Also in the dispute, following the defense of Nguyen Van Duong, lawyer Phan Trung Hoai, a Yang defender who opposed some of the comments as follows:

When a company was set up, in a feasibility report to & # 39; project to establish a firm just under C50 for professional activities and public resources, saying: "It is a group that is responsible for the general department of the responsible Police, C50" .

In the name and type of company, the scheme is & # 39; Defining the company as a professional economic unit under the joint venture (using outside companies – using the seal and the iconic Identity of Co-operation of business C50) to meet the requirements of the Undertake the work directly from the C50 to carry out the political work of its service.

Organizational model and management and action tool: The economic unit is a joint venture organized in the form of a stock and branch company, which is managed and managed by the director and the cadre C50. To hold the position of a Deputy Director in charge of Information Technology (to be clearly defined in the cooperative document, each independent party is financially responsible for its own financial settlement and is responsible for the Outcome loss and business interests in special jobs).

In particular, the General Department of the Police and the C50 also Supporting the CNC in allowing video games with many suggestions.

Gamble Trillill Test: Nguyen Van Duong's words ... to Vietnamese campaigns

Duong was brought to court

According to lawyer Phan Trung Hoai, as a result of a test test public, if August 2016, when he finds information about the work game RikVip illustrates a gambling group, a lawsuit breach, information agencies and Ministry of Information and Security activities. Public and resolved smoothly to prevent the impact of the case that was not as bad as Conclusion investigation and complaint.

In terms of Finance Loan taxes, lawyers expect that the Probation Panel and the Trial Panel will reconsider the lawsuit and the test on Nguyen Van Duong's statement on "cash vowel" because There is not enough space because the topic is not appropriate in the structure. is an offense under the "Money Liquidation Act" under Article 251 of the Criminal Code 1999 (amended 2009).

The lawyer Hoai continues to & # 39; Analyzing: Article 251 of the Criminal Code 1999 (revised 2009) is required to produce a property that other people commit crime, rather than their own; key Nguyen Van Duong in line with the results of the research, the product to be authenticated and authenticated; Assessing the evidence and the result of the dispute at the test.

So, properly understood, a person can not be accused but for "cash catching" when he knows the source of money made by another, rather than being done by himself .

From the gardens mentioned above, solicitor Phan Trung Hoai praised the Presidents of the Party and the Building Party People's Panel to implement the penalization situation and to benefit offenders, consider and consider them for consideration . To be a judge, right, right, right and legal.

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