Definition of Cancer


What do the people know?
Department of Ege Department of Medicine Tülay Aktaş Oncology Medical Oncology Department. Dr. Bülent Karabulut, describing the mistakes on the right hand side of cancer. He said that the anticons in society are " increasing the disease. He also talked about the importance of patient awareness as well as medical treatment.

Cancer and pain loss and pain are having a & # 39; wrong case. He said, if cancer is not treated with good thought, cancer is not capable of stress.

He explained the importance of the defense system in cancer patients and said there was a detrimental effect on adverse effects on bad life.

The biopsy is among the people that cancer is wrong, he said. A biopsy does not disrupt strange cells. A biopsy does not belong to a & # 39; using a handheld or needle.
Materials such as hair color or cancer removal do not cause, he said. However, being away from poisonous materials would be good for cells and DNA, he said. However, it was wrong that friendly products were related to cancer one by one. Smoking was smoking, which increased cancer risk, he said.

He said that the understanding that all patients with cancer treatment are in a wrong hospital. He said chemotherapy and radiotherapy could keep up a hospital. He also said that the patient could return cancer to the life of a business after the treatment.

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