Dele Alli will protect Chelsea as Tottenham will have a " move up to third place Football


Maurizio Sarri has been offering a & # 39; Regularly believes that its Chelsea is working forward to be ahead of its timetable. No removal, the manager has warned, many improvements have been made. And in terms of Premier League's main name, good, than over Manchester City.

Chelsea was convicted of defeat, but when he opposed the Tottenham team, he thought that everything that could go wrong would go wrong, strangers The worst fears of Sarri at the same time.

His team was tight at his back, where he was tired. David Luiz was keen to forget – when he is bad, he is very bad – but he was not the only one who was in the wrong place. blame. Chelsea was sorry and a mistake was made all over the world, they started out well and were flattened after that, because their uncertain recording was declined.

It was impossible to give any Chelsea player to more than five out of 10, except from Eden Hazard, possibly – and a brief summary was given to their difficulties when David Luiz challenged They are Son Heung before the third visit to Spurs. He got close to the ball and was finally seen. go to the Wembley Park tube station. A son could not believe he was fortunate and finished inside his / her; mail.

There was an excellent son, so all Spurs were attackers. Dele Alli's early date was discovered and Harry Kane added to the second, although he received support from an insecure page of David Elin's dance eel and his / her. mentions Kepa Arrizabalaga. Christian Eriksen attempted to generically destroy.

At the end, Tottenham was in a position; giving exhibitions – see the proxy, Erik Lamela, a fight away from Hazard – and, sadness as he is; feeling, they could be disappointed that they did not succeed seven or eight; Arrizabalaga made a sophisticated sausage.

Without dividing divisions. This was as good as performance since Mauricio Pochettino's time and was shaped by his managerial plan. Although Sarri is booked 4-3-3, Pochettino was shocked by a 4-3-1-2 system, which played Alli behind strike players, Mac and Kane. Sarri said he had been removed with his move.

& # 39; B & # 39; was a crash & # 39 ;: cascade Sarri rues and Chelsea's case in Spurs – video

Part of the opinion was; There is a chance for Alli to celebrate Jorginho, Chelsea's world playmaker, welcomes her and she works beautifully. Jorginho was reduced to blackbirds and was set up for a bad man on Alli. Tottenham was overlooking her & # 39; OK enough – there were times in the first time when it was not; Chelsea could escape from their half – they had seen the general vision and their clarification proceedings.

Spurs critical time has been clear. The next thing, the European League needs to be involved here against Internazionale on a league on Wednesdays and Sundays for Arsenal.

Sarri had deceived Chelsea's slow-up games, telling them them as "a mental problem" but that they had killed themselves at this time. They were 2-0 down after 16 minutes, when Antonio Rüdiger was beaten for a better time than one time, David Luiz was struggling to do so. preparing and with Mateo Kovacic.

Then, there was Arrizabalaga; There was no mistake for his second ambitious goal. Kane had been a collection of property, a & # 39; Traveling without challenge and burning well from a distance but the connection was not clean and the risk was not so small. But then David Luiz appeared to get out of his block – Sarri said he did not want to clear the ball – and he did not; Can the Arrizabalaga just look like it was? gut and scratch, sneakly into the nets.

Arrizabalaga got his hands to the end of Alli from Eriksen's Voluntary Software but he could not do it. achieve the ambition of progress. David Luiz was free for a bad stamp on Kane and the sixth games came in the five games of the Alli against Chelsea when he easily got into Kovacic and Jorginho.

It should be a 14-minute danger penalty when Juan Foyth entered him from the back but Sarri did not; going on as a story lucky. There was also a danger from Hugo Lloris from a long time in the first half but, in particular, that's all Tottenham.

He built a half-volley-haired Mac, after a beautiful elephant by Eriksen, before being rejected by Arrizabalaga after his / her South Court; swept Rüdiger, and the keeper made good use of Toby Alderweireld's flick; Foyth was very broad with its revival. Then Mac gave another attempt and was rejected by Arrizabalaga after a good job with Alli and Eriksen.

Spor's pace and a great deal were compared with the chelsea cheat and everything happened when Mac passed over Jorginho, David Luiz declared out and the Spurs got the goal that worthy of it.

Sarri replaced Álvaro Morata, which prevented him from being absent from outside, Kovacic and Willian. he could pull anyone out. Willian had gone close to 53 minutes but he was the only question; left in how much more Spurs would get. Kane sat flat, Alli stopped a fast target and felt that the center of Olivier Giroud was not so surprising to see the smallest.

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