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The starting point for Vietnam is just a change from the previous game against Malaysia. Coach Park Hang Here Van Quyet came back, Phan Van Duc was put to the right, Trong Hoang. Vietnam's midfielder team is still Luong Xuan Truong and Quang Hai.

Their First Division can be divided into two parts. Up to the 20th, Vietnam is the first stage of Kyaw Zin Htet visiting warden from Myanmar from the personal location of Phoenix. Vietnam has played quite slowly, coach Park Hang It seems that this is still a defense when I go against Myanmar.

Only 30 minutes later, Vietnam put on more attacks. In particular, it is the case to complete its & # 39; Van Van's postman at 36 minutes.

Compared to the 2-0 advantage over Trade at My Dinh Park, Vietnam's football control has increased. However, the safety atmosphere of the Park Hang Seo coach has been reduced again. In the first half, the keeper, Dang Van Lam, has found many situations of conflict. Myanmar did not worry about meeting Vietnam although it is placed in the "lower door". The attack from the home team focused strongly on Vietnam's occupation on the left, where Van Hau and Que Ngoc Hai's young defendants, the main defenses, are expected. Myanmar players move a fast, and-a-speed; using speed to encourage Vietnam's defense.

The speed of a high game was at the end of the & # 39; first half and continued in the first half of the second half. Park Hang is a Trong Hoang and Hung Hung coach, instead of Van Quyet and Luong Xuan Truong. Since now, Vietnam's team has changed greatly. Vietnam has been to boil the herring, and & # 39; control the member and his / her; organize more attacks. The station's way is strong, this helps to & # 39; Vietnam recruitment to take the situation and create more dangerous opportunities. Myanmar players have yet to be confirmed but they do not risk the keeper of Van Lam's previous visit.

But in the first half, the Vietnam team went out to level 7 against the six sides of Myanmar but only one target hit the second half, the number of opportunities that Vietnam has created has been increased to big. Unfortunately, Cong Phuong, Van Duc or Anh Duc, was not the only hard thing in the last leg.

From 65 minutes onwards, the ball was significantly introduced over the Myanmar playground. 76 minutes, Van Toan was thrown into the yard and almost immediately, the HAGL situation put the ball strike into the Myanmar visitor warden. But the referee is not known for Van Toan's visit as he thought he had gone inside. However, this may be the wrong decision of the referees, which meant that Van Toan gave goals when the slowdown on Van Van television still stands for the final defender of Myanmar at Quang Hai Burma's football broke out and Van Toan was demolished.

After Van Toan is not aware of the target, in the future, Vietnam's recruitment still overshadows the enemy but does not; Creating any opportunity is very dangerous. The 0-0 game ended. With this result, Myanmar followed his first place in A Group with 7 points, second in Vietnam, with 7 points but lost his secondary school. However, Park Hang Coach Here is the chance to get a & # 39; The main place in Cambodia's final meeting at home, and Myanmar must fight with Malaysia.

This Hang coach is a great contributor to the referee

At Thuwunna Stadium last night, Vietnam Phone although it created many opportunities to eat but it can not benefit and accept the 0-0 draw with Myanmar guest. Most memorable in this game, Van Toan has put a ball into Myanmar in 77 minutes but the referee caught the offside, not recognized goals. In a press conference after & # 39; game, Hang-co coach said that he was not satisfied with the transferee of his game: "Indeed, I'm not satisfied with this result. I did not prefer the way the team played only for the second half, we played the # 39 ; better. I think Vietnam has been losing some fortune to win.

At the same time, Antoine Hey Myanmar coach told the team to qualify for a winning point in the " game with Vietnam. "This is an exciting game for the audience. I am satisfied with my students. Myanmar's challenges today are a strong challenge and the players have been very active. We still have a game like Malaya, and it's ready enough, "said Antoine Hey.

Yuan Feng (from Yangon)

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