Delibird and more to return for a Poker Christmas GO GO Event –


Niantic has announced a new event GO Pokémon at Christmas time. Delibird has more news on the way to their game. The next one will start December 18 in the application.

We leave you the message who has divided Niantic's share:


The joy and happiness of Christmas parties to reach the world of Pokémon GO, as the Pokémon Distribution, Delibird, Return for the 2018 Pokémon events.

From 18 December, the ice-cream Pokémon appears more often in a wild way, along with Jynx, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, Spell and Snover. But there is another poker that will also be able to reach those holidays; You can even see Christmas Pokémon, such as Pikachu with wildcat, to January 2.

And what would Christmas be for gifts? A piper like Smoochum, Azurill and Munchlax will be more likely to be away from the 7 kilometer Egg, so show your friends how careful you are to do; send them special gifts. To help you shoot during the holidays, the Coaches will get one free use tool once a day by & # 39; Distributing photodisk from Poképarada to January 2.

To sustain the vitality of the market, there will be a lot of drink throughout the event. From December 18 to 22, Coids is able to enjoy a double Candy to capture and move Pokémon. Then, from 22 December to 26, they will get two Star Dust pages to capture them to help them empower their husband. From December 26 to December 30, they earn twice as many as PXs; catch a Pokémon to help them achieve high levels of Choaches before the new year. Finally, from December 30 to January 2, the defenders will be twice more efficient. Make sure you apply periodically to take advantage of all these bonuses.

Want to show your Christmas spirit? Take up your labels with Delibird jerseys, hats and boots, clothes on 18 December at their fashion shop.

Fill parties with Pokémon GO! Be careful and enjoy your adventure!

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