Delpo is happy: listen to the news he made for fans in the networks


Juan Martn Del Potro, 5 in ATP's world rankings, the final part of the tennis season was lost due to a break in the right-wing rtula that suffered at the beginning of October at 1000 Masters in Shanghai. But just over two months later, telling the great news revenge for fans on social networks.

"I wanted to tell you that I was doing everything slowly, obviously, but I have to move inside, where I like to be and the usual love, I'm sorry for you ", please welcome your Twitter account.

And that is a month after his hard wound, the "Torre de Tandil" was influenced by his Instagram: "When I met what happened to me, the world came down, which I had already experienced in previous years with a thrush and I did not think I was going to Conversation is something so difficult to do so, to make everything possible to get it well, to continue to make my favorite item, & # 39; play ".

"Today I feel that I want to return to the court in the future season, to continue to do everything that my body tells I can recover well, revival is going on and I feel better and better, a little silence and a desire to keep it; play in the next season ", I kept in that moment of pain and impotence.

And about her absenteeism at her Schoolmaster in London, the competition that she has been in. bringing together the best tennis players of the year, "Delpo" said: "It's hard for me to not compete in London, it's a special competition and I've done everything I do to make my knees better." The revival is going on well, but I need more time, indeed, it's really hard for me now, but I have a good season ". Fortunately now, it seems closer to his daily visit.

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