(AOF) – The Expert Delta Personal Protection Device (PPE) has 51% of the Dutch-based Dutch-based BV Vertic-based Dutch departments, with the aim of improving acceleration in the business sector here. Markets in northern Europe. The financial details of its business have not been published. Created 10 years ago in the Rotterdam region, Vertic Nederland BV has been an independent distributor of Vertic offers in the Netherlands from 2015 and beyond in Benelux countries.

A company has also begun a few years ago to expand to other countries in Northern Europe, particularly in Scandinavia.

Vertic Nederland BV was awarded a version of 3.1 million euros in its last financial year to 31 December 2017, up 12% on its; previous year.

It aims to hold revenue growth for a 2018 financial year of about 10%. Its operating product is almost 10% sold.

This partnership agreement will strengthen the close collaboration between Delta Plus Group and the two founder Vertic Nederland BV, which still accounts for 49% of the shareholders and managers of this company.



The activity of each actor in the capital goods department depends on the investment. But due to the crisis in 2008, this indicator has fallen, which describes the department's problems. Today it is best because economic growth is back in every place. In China, economic downturn is related and controlled.

Professionals of the French mexican business are very optimistic for 2017 and are expected to grow this year at least as well in 2016 (between + 1.7% and + 2% ; prospects), a & # 39; Thanks to the sound equipment and to the investing opportunities of the manufacturing industry. The FIM believes that investments should be 5% up in 2017 in a mechanic.