Dementia is drawn to a family generation


Tomorrow– A woman of a rare type of dementia died when she was pregnant with her son, which the Daily Mail said on Saturday, saying that the disease was caused by a genetic cause.

The source said that the last woman's death also died, "Crutzfeldt Jakob," caused by moderate brain disorder and continues to dementia and death, Sky Sky commentary.

Doctors knew the knowledge that Danish women were healthy and given from the signs of their illness before they started pregnant, but the legion was moved to the disorder he had received from his father.

A male's son has a & n; suffering from "Croatsfield Jacob", and signs of illness in the 53-year-old.

It is likely that the researchers will now take off the gene that is responsible for the disease and then bring the mother when it has grown in the inside.

Doctors say that obesity cells include toxic proteins that have been infected with the symptoms. passing through the placent, spread in the blood and its blood; introducing the brain.

The Copenhagen Selection Center for Bronchial Diseases in Copenhagen, Denmark, is particularly important because it is possible to find a new purpose of dementia.

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