Demi Lovato does not have any time to play. Responding to someone who names her Rotten Team


Demi Lovato, Good Morning America


Demi Lovato "Sorry Sorry" when it comes to protecting its friends, and its # 39; Most of them, his close team.

On Thursday, Demi Lovato's followers commented on Facebook and Twitter ideas related to the singer's team. "Dani was completely uncomfortable at fire, and she is one of the few who care for her health and she has been helping her for 3 years, she is surrounded by people who does not care for her money and she does not see it, "said the post-

"The team is so fragile and does not understand it," read the section. "There must be a complete change, especially by dancers trying to become friends."

In a picture captured by @commentsbycelebs, Lovato responded twice to the statement. "You do not know what you're talking," she said. "Dear friends do not interview them when you're OD."

The "dani" to b & # 39; He was the fan account who described the back-up dancer at Lovato, Dani VitaleIn the West But, Lovato let those words down.

Lovato suffered a clear eyebrow on 24 July and spent almost two weeks in hospital. Then she spent time in a revival facility and was seen in Los Angeles on November. 4. Since its time of revival, the singer's mother and sister says that she "works hard on her sobriety."

A few weeks after Lovato was in hospital, Vitale refused to take any part in the case. "I never worried or even drugged throughout my life. I do not do DRUGS, or I would never have to inspire, or give them to anyone who is I think, "wrote Vitale on Instagram on 6 August.

The singer "Confident" broke her social media calmly on November 6 after she had made a picture of her and her voting; encouraging others to do that. Lovato was seen and about Los Angeles with a photographer Henri Alexander Levy, but sources say they are not going on. An owner was shared by E! News that Levy is "serving as her supreme companion."

Follow the store, "Demi wants to be around similar people and Henri has a strong strength. They spend a lot of time together but Demi does not focus on her. to go on. Demi is really focused on her health. "

According to our source, Lovato's "completely different mind" is now. "She has been following all the steps and instructions that her specialists have put in, which includes" working out a few days training every week and eating right. "

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