Demi Lovato responds to her who says she's her team; in & # 39; Rotten & # 39; & Cares only about her money & # 39;


Demi Lovato tells how he is.

The 26-year-old singer responding to a man who wrote the Lovato team answered that "weak" and they did not. Look after her money instead of her well-being.

"Dani was completely uncomfortable at fire, and she is one of the few who care for Demi's health and she has been helping her for 3 years, she is surrounded by people who does not look after her money and she does not see it, "read a tweet post on Instagram on Thursday. The signature said at the same time: "The team is so calm and does not understand it, requires a complete change, especially by dancers trying to become friends like @d. ….. and others. "

However, Lovato agreed not to the post and replied, "You do not know what you are doing," a & # 39; Also adds, "Dear friends do not interview them when you're OD."

Demi Lovato


Although many fans thought he could be his long-term friend and Dani Vitale who was a supporter, Lovato could have been able to do it. mentions his previous training, Danielle Martin, who interviewed him Radar Last week and he revealed that she was not working with Lovato.

"I lost my job to speak for her, to be honest," explained Martin. "I'm really sorry. I did not just give her power. No bad thing to say. The people around me I'm really happy to run to her. They told her that I accept the situation and bring everything to me. I have never done that. It's not always. I was standing up for her. That's it. "

At the same time, Vitale spoke to a couple after his fans had been abolished that Lovato's reason was back. In August, she refused to say that the singer's drugs, which wrote on Instagram, "I never worried or even" DID "dropped my life. I do not do DRUGS, and I would never have to inspire, or give them to anyone who likes me. "

"The distribution of an UNTRU story on the internet affects my life, my reputation, my name and everything that works hard to stand behind , "she said in the long post.

Lovato also noted that Iggy Azalea was unlocked on Instagram. The rapper spoke to ET in July, shortly after the Disney Channel star had previously been hospitalized, and was aware of the recycling of her friend.

"I knew about it, as a close friend," Azalea appeared. "So I had been asking her to be an informant for those people. And I was worried enough as her friend, that something was missing or that she would take Someone there and using her in particular seems to be secret. "

"It's not my business that I say to my friend," You have to stop, "she continued." But as a friend, you are worried and you're like, "Oh, my God, my friend, she has something which can be used against people and I am really keen to have her own. "And she did! "

Lovato was taken to the hospital in July from a very noticeable and then went to a revival facility when it was released. Earlier this month she left a revival, with a store telling ET that she was a & # 39; adhere to her cure.

"Demi is happy and healthy full of 180 since she was awakened. Its 90 days in the revival of his life is hardly turned," the shareholder was. "She wants to stay out of a revival. She has an exhaust coach and a complete support system."

The source added that the singer's attempt to keep his sobriety is reassessed on his daily routines.

"Demi has been struggling for as long as she could be tough and her friends and family have been more proud of her work," said the supervisor . "This process has been extremely useful for Demi in so many ways. Not only is it clean and excellent but has a completely new lifestyle."

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