Democrat Gil Cisneros spreads the GOP House seat in Southern California


LOS ANGELES – Democrat Gil Cisneros took the seat of the Dominican Republic's House in southern California on Saturday, and built a democratic way in which the party built six seats of assembly in the state.

As the last contest of unsuccessful families in California took place, Cisneros Republican Young Kim met for the state's 39th state state. The impact of Cisneros is to indicate how highly successful politics are; Great seeds of the Los Angeles city area under Democratic control in the House.

Le call Kim, four-provincial House areas in whole or in part in County Orange, California, one-time nationally recognized one-time GOP stronghold in south-eastern Los Angeles, will move in one election to Democrat. The change means that the county-seat of Richard Nixon's birthplace and its location-only location of Democrats – Representing its residents in Washington the following year.

The Democrats recently built the final seat of the Republican House anchored at Los Angeles County, when Steve Reperson was Democratic Republican Democrat, Katie Hill.

With other benefits – Republican ruins also lost in the Middle Valley of agriculture – Democrat's forces margin 45-8 in US House seats. Scotland next year.

The area was one of the seven finalists with Democrats throughout California after giving Hillary Clinton to them in the election of 2016 president.

Cisneros, 47, who won a $ 266 million lottery prize, was locked in a close race with Kim in an area that has become very different. It is about the same division between Republican, Democratic and independent, as with Asian, Hispanics and whites.

Published by Kim, 55, a former state legislator, published for years to retire the Republican representative Ed Royce, who left the seat and supported him.

In a state where President Donald Trump is incredulous, Kim wanted to create a distance with the White House on trade and healthcare. His immigration – and sex – was out in a political party, with the majority of leaders in Washington who are older than white people.

"It's another kind of candidate," she said.

It was not enough. Democratic advertisements were released as a Trump subdivision, trying to achieve its agenda.

Cisneros, who was the first time candidate, was interested in the & # 39; Transport as an extension to his army time – he said he was about a public service. He runs a charitable foundation with his wife.

On healthcare, he talked about his mother who was assured for 16 years. "That should not happen just in this country," he said.

While the choice was & # 39; delivering mixed products around the US, including the prestige of California as a Democratic stronghold.

Democrats are on the way to keep each statewide office again. A & #; a party is & # 39; Maintaining the two rooms of the legislation – with a benefit of 3.7 million in voter registration.

Even the Republican was not voting for the US Senate.

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