Democratic Way in Oraindshire: Cisneros & Win are made four


California Democrats completed its production agency in County Orange on Saturday when Gil Cisneros Young Kim, Republican, defeated a fourth seat in which one of the most powerful Republican centers was in the same country.

The decision by Mr Cisneros, philanthropy, was published by The Associated Press. It completes what is & # 39; means democratically in California this year. Democrats protested seven seats held by a Republican where Hillary Clinton opposed the President of Trump in 2016, which included four in the County of Orange. They won six of them.

Producer David Valadao, from the Middle East Valley, is the only Republican Democratist in these seven areas, according to The Associated Press. Its boundaries have declined as inward votes have been counted. The date for counting those votes in California is December 7.

Mr Cisneros's influence, the Democrats are now controlling the four-seat seats in Oraindshire – the birthplace of Richard M. Nixon and today's conservation. The party also won high standards in the Senate of California and the Assembly, as long as the applicant had a & # 39; party for ruler – Gavin Newsom, the deputy headquarters – has easily turned a Republican challenge. Democrats control all positions that are elected to a state in California

Before this election, a 53-member California representative body was incorporated into 39 Democrats and 14 Republicans. Accepting that Mr Valadao is a " Ongoing, after the term of the year it will be 45 democrats and eight Republicans.

Mr Cisneros and Ms Kim were competing for her & her; chairman after the Producer Ed Royce, who has been represented in the area since 1993, decided to re-election. Mr Cisneros won about 3,500 votes, receiving 50.8% of the votes cast.

Mr Cisneros is a Fleet officer who became a millionaire after winning a state state lottery in California in 2010. He and his wife later turned to genius after that. He is a former Republican who left his party in 2008 to become a Democrat.

Another Republican decision, Darrell Issa Representative, who represented the San Diego and Orange Counties, decided to make a re-election of what was a challenging political environment for the Republicans, as a result of non-Marriage Mr Trump and mobility in Southern California.

Mr Issa's seat was easily democrats captured by Mike Levin, an environmental lawyer, had influenced Diane Harkey, Republican and a member of the Assembly.

The change of political jewels in the County of Orange was captured in the race sciences of the race to succeed Mr Royce. Ms. Kim trying to be the first woman from her & her; Amberistic in Kyrgyzstan, but challenged Mr Cisneros, Latino in a state where Latino voters were now becoming more powerful.

Aides told Mr Cisneros that they were seeking support from Asian-American voters – they sent them to Talk to enterprise workers who spoke Korean and Mandarin.

The results were a lawyer for the majority of the housekeeper, Kevin McCarthy, the Bakersfield Republican who had had energy and put money in trying to save his representative body. Mr McCarthy, who will be a small leader in the next Congress, after democrats have taken control of the House, helped to assist a ballot campaign to prevent a gasoline tax that was agreed by the legislation. -say to pay for road repairs. It was expected that the Scots would go out to vote in the threatened Republican areas.

The campaign was suspended, and political researchers said that the results suggested that there was any increase in Democratic voters on any increase in the number of Republican voters caused by his / her; gas charge. Camp Democracy Congress Committee caught on California as the forefront of his battle to restore it to her; Transport, opening office there in 2017, and, the area's floods with money and staff.

The idea has been to make such a huge effort in the Oraindshire – and in areas with a Republican registry fringe – has been apparently not long ago. But the area has been democratic growth in recent years, as it has become increasingly diverse and varied.

Mr Clinton defeated Mr Trump with over four million votes in California and won in Orange County. Republican said that the ongoing attacks on California's election since the election were – with him; Suggestions of hard immigration migration in the final weeks of the campaign – have created obstacles for Republican candidates already in a hard political environment.

The Republican of California has seen the registration to decline regularly over the last 20 years. Some party members – are led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the old ruler – on to # 39; try to encourage the party to assess its situation on issues such as immigration, in an attempt to appeal to more voters.

But these efforts are largely expressed; Many of the Republican candidates for their Congress in California this year – in particular, appeared Dana Rohrabacher and Producer of Mimi Walters – by Mr Trump during the election process. Both lost their seat to Democratic opposition.

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