Democrats attempt to convert Hyde-Smith's ideas to increase in black decompression in Mississippi underwent


Then, a blogger added videos that Espy's enemy defeated at the end of November, the Old Republic, Cindy Hyde-Smith, would attend a "public suspension" if a person invited invitation, and that could hinder the college's student voters to be the "good thing."

Protected, Hyde-Smith gave her the idea of ​​going to # 39; serving a pop-up "incorporating complex multiplication". Her campaign said she was "doing a joke" when she was in front of a group that was " including students at the Mississippi State University, she proposed to "make it slightly harder" for "volunteering in other schools" to vote.

But Democrats saw it open.

The allegations were made by voters in the state that they do not normally support the Democrats to vote against them.

Espy, a former 64-year-old consular secretary and secretary of agriculture, now expects Hyde-Smith's ideas to emerged as a result of turbocharge and rescue voters in November 27 afterwards.

"Here are the things you can not get from: you will not hear any conversation about polling up. You do not hear any conversation about public hanging," & # 39; Espy tells more than 100 women gathered in a hotel here on Saturday morning. Instead, Espy said that he would focus on education, gender equality and healthcare.

He said his election would appear "Mississippi who is moving forward, Mississippi with a better image."

Espy told the group to " Most of the black women Jones won in Alabama due to women's support.

"What did Doug Jones do in Alabama, you have to do it for me in Mississippi, do you know what I'm saying?" he said.

National Democrats are aware – aware that the state is holding an early primary school that could be important in the & # 39; Democratic-seat advocacy process – going to Mississippi to campaign with Espy.

California Sen. Kamala Harris is campaigning with Espy Saturday, telling the people of the hotel to "make sure we are a country, symbolized by the Mississippi state."

Speaking of Hyde-Smith's comments after Saturday's event, Harris gave them "harmful and harmful" as well as "forgotten to understand those words in a historical context. "

The 2020 President's candidate will be possible, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, traveling to Mississippi on Monday.

& # 39; The extracts are present & # 39;

Mississippi is a long Democrat design – but it is not impossible.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the state with 18 percentage points. That is to be deleted, but it is still closer than the margins in other red states such as Indiana and Missouri.

Jim Hood, a state democrat advocate, is a Democrat, although a preserved conservative is connected to his / her; his party – and he runs for a ruler in 2019.

Nearly 40% of the Mississippi population is black, and those who are going to vote will; doing so for Democratic candidates.

And the seaman Jackson, Chokwe Lumumba, 35, is seen as a leading star rising.

"The shares are present," said Lumumba in an interview. "There are people who want something different. And I think you have a people who feel dissatisfied with the results."

However, to win the failure of the Assignment, Espy must be a great walk, overseas African-American voters and college students in urban areas of a state in a running competition on Tuesday after the weekend of Thanksgiving and generally gaining a division of constituents of Republican voters. It's hard to do both.

"We need to be as strategic or advanced because the conditions say we should be," said Lumumba. "If you say everyone is, you say that everyone is not at the end. If you play such a media , no-one is organized, no-one is involved. "

National parties to acting

The National Democrats say that the results in Alabama are giving them hope, but that Mississippi is even more difficult than the democratic democracy of another democratic battle over the last two years. It is likely that the party will continue the same path it used in states and other areas are usually a hostile to the Democrats, and Flying to participate through motions such as unconventional finances known as large PACs.

If any democrat has the opportunity to optimize the style of Doug Jones style among African-American voters, where they are; making up more of the voters than they are doing the population, Espy, is a national democratic organization.

"It's hard and hard in a hard place, and we need to catch everything," said the operator.

At the same time, a Republican is working to avoid another loss in the Deep South.

The National Senatorial Committee – the GOP campaign of the Asset – also cost $ 1.1 million on an advertisement Espy's work appears as a cottage and throws it as part of the "swamp".

And Trump is campaigning for Hyde-Smith the night before the election, with a stop being planned in Tupelo and Biloxi, announcing the Trump Saturday event.

President's visit "is really good to ensure that all keepers know they have a very clear choice in this election," said Hyde-Smith in a statement.

Her campaign said she was not available for an interview this week. She was in Washington, with the Assembly in session.

Along with Hyde-Smith's comments

There is a dispute about Hyde-Smith's attitudes about "public hanging" continuing his opposition against his campaign in Mississippi, a state where the Confederate flag is still part of the state banner.

Over 10,000 people called a petition asking for it to be removed from the office created by Mississippi Matters, a partnership of advanced organizations.

Her protest group held Friday outside Hyde-Smith's office in Jackson. On Sunday, Jackson Town Council member, Aaron Banks, made a rally against the "Capitol of hate and hate" at the state Capitol.

At the same time, the Hyde-Smith campaign was trying to " controversy is split across the most recent video, where she says it's a "good idea"; in order to make it more difficult for students to vote, with a tweet in which it is seen at the same event the video was recorded to smile with two students – one of them black.

"It's OK to be aware of happiness in America that is not?" said the tweet posted to the Hyde-Smith account. "The students enjoyed this laughter with Cindy despite the social media positions of a state that tried to send Mississippians."

On Friday, the black student in the photograph, J.R. Coleman, to Twitter with an uncertainty criticism about the Hyde-Smith campaign about using the picture.

"As the main knowledge of Political Science I want to understand and tell myself about each candidate. But I do not, however, support Cindy Hyde Smith. I'm unhappy. One reason is the picture This is because I'm black, "he said.

In another tweet, Coleman said, "She's trying to appear herself in a different light by using this picture from us. We did not laugh about the Her horrible statements, and I do not value this work to try to do so. "

The Hyde-Smith initiative sent her tweet away with the photograph that included Coleman.

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