Dentists called vegetables, damaging dams


Стоматологи назвали овощи, разрушающие зубную эмаль

Experts provide advice to eat more apples.Squirrels, pepper, squash and sheriff stones will destroy their teeth. For such a decision, a group of international dentists evaluated the impact of vegetables on human health.

These gifts of nature, the highest content of organic acids, which reduce the toothbrush and their teeth; resulting in the total destruction of its bowel. According to experts, the most dangerous dangers and asparagus.

As the doctors, because most of these vegetables are highly regarded among healthy lifestyles fans and people who have a good deal of life. Following a proper diet, it is recommended after a meal to burn your mouth or burn your teeth.

In addition, experts advise to eat more apples, such as malic acid, part of their shape, on a & # 39; otherwise, make the cruise stronger and more. positive impact on oral health.

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