Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury: Gypsy King in a real situation and could cause confusion in LA


Ricky Hatton is present in the Tyson Fury corner of the Saturday night in recognition of how long the King Gypsy has traveled to the mission to redesign his mind, body, life and position.

In poundage, Fury has been equivalent to a higher state, Hattonweight-welterweight since he returned to train a year ago. And as Hatton, Fury needs to deal with the words that sometimes may be; even affect those who seem to have it all.

After Fury disappeared in October 2016 with the removal or elimination of world title belts, saying that he had to focus his medical remedies, he linked to A song by American American artist T Graham Brown with the title "Wine Into Water", which includes the lines: "Today I'm so low to anyone to go, I'm down and I can not go much longer. "

According to John's father, a hunting on the life of Fury is saved and the exhibition here in Los Angeles is a fantastic reward for transformation.

Now, the best of 10 clusters are clearer, and Fury has many fierce voices for a Saturday problem. It is a testament to his commitment (and according to) that even the argument is even an argument.

In August, when the title of the opposition against Deontay Wilder was sent, an email received from one of the UK's leading guardians to show Fury as their favorite. Last month, Wilder as the market manager did the same thing; attack him.

In a selection of pundits in the November magazine of Boxing Monthly, Wilder came out on his blog only with 18 votes to 12. That kind of fight, which generates sharp heads a & # 39; spinning.

The central subject of the debate is the prophecy of prophecy. How important is a long deficiency in a time when it is always a? hitting battles who pay for just a few hours a year paid at least?

Fury has been fighting twice – although he is in a smaller company – since last Wilder, when the Americans met Luis Ortiz in Cuba in March.

Wilder's engineering capability was not valued

In winning his victory against Wladimir Klitschko three years ago this week, Fury had only three competitions in two and a half years. The current case for Fury is more about what he did for his body while he was away and the challenge he could have been prepared for Wilder.

In recent years, the appeals that have been defeated by Hatton and David Haye have given us evidence of the difference between the general and the fitness of a box. How much of the legacy and the ability to read a challenger? to rewrite Fury?

Wilder's engineering capability does not benefit. To win a bronze medal at the Olympics, there is only three years in the sport of a festival, even though its concerts in Beijing in 2008 were destroyed.

Wilder came to an end in the final to Clemente Russo of Italy, which hit Tony Bellew, Oleksandr Usyk, to reach the last four.

The gold medal in China to Rakhim Chakhkiev, at Russia, which was expressed by Wilder in the US and Russia internationally earlier in 2008. This form is more than b & # 39 ; slugger can be compiled and it should be a contradiction against the idea and its idea Wilder can punch but can not go boxing.

Wilder has six of the eight pounds of the world's prize at least on the eighth round and the co-win against Ortiz, in the 10th, explains how he & # 39; behave his power during the fight.

As well as Ortiz, Wilder might be able to be in Tame's Tame but it's hard to be in & # 39; getting work and, unlike some of the bad ones, he has shown a strong confirmation when he was injured, because he was against Ortiz and Eric Molina.

Fury, also, has become a problem-resistant, climbing off the canvas in 2011 to hit Neven Pajkic, Bosnia-based in Canada, and the American Steve Cunningham two years later.

Twice, Fury was knocked right by hand – a drawing that Wilder specifically cast. But when he came to Klitschko, Fury took a check and entered the ring and it was harder to hit it.

In an interview for BBC Radio 5 a few months later, Fury told me how to do it; It could be "frozen forever in November 2015", that its strong success against Klitschko long-term would not be considered to be achieved.

Now there is a desire and ambition again, and Wilder will win – as soon as he returns – as one of the most popular explorer in Britain.

The battle is also important for boxing, the most important tough competition in the US since Lennox Lewis was broadcast over Vitali Klitschko in the same ring at the Staples Center in 2003.

Players out on a large scale outside the 21,000 capacity and staff at an office report. box tickets are selling well. In a busy week of basket and ice hockey at the Center, they also expect a big "walk-up" on Saturday.

And later on here, we're likely to talk about a athlete or Anthony Joshua – not both – in 2019.

There are many things in boxes defined by competitions and this may be the start of something special here in Los Angeles.

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