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Researchers found that the ice began to cool over the Ice Age Small hundreds of years ago to reach their base. Pacific Ocean. Although the seas and seas now begin to start; feeling the effects of global warming, the deepness of the Pacific Ocean has just begun to cold. (The Toll na Coille Sea Student Institute Award )

The base of the Pacific Ocean is cool and scientists believe it has been caused by the Ice Ice Age that has been held hundreds ago.

On the surface, water temperatures have been involved in the global warming caused by a & # 39; spreading glasshouse gases. However, a new study revealed that its deep ocean has long been a number of centuries behind.

The survey, written by researchers from the Harvard University Harvesting Harvest Institute and Harvard University, was published in the magazine ScienceSouth Westerly

Deep Within the Pacific Ocean

A long remembrance of the ocean. Previous surveys have shown that it will take a long time to circulate the water over the Pacific Ocean to its lowest depth.

The process involves a few hundred years, which is a means that the surface water during the Ice Age over 700 years does not make its way to bottom; Pacific. Researchers believe they could be able to; Water depth monitoring in the deep ocean new environmental information from the 1300s to the 1870s.

"These waters are so old and are not near the surface so long, they still remember what was going on hundreds of years when some of the coldest winters in the history in Europe, "said Jake Gebbie, a WHOI physicist and the main author of the study.

The researchers used the data recorded by scientists on the HMS Challenger board in the 1870s and compared them to the latest experimental Circulation Circulation World surveys. They got that as expected, most of the world's ocean is warming up as a result of climate change. However, the deep Pacific Ocean still fires.

They make the depths of their & # 39; Pacific around 1.8 to 2.6 kilometers grow between 0.02 and 0.08 degrees Celsius. Before the Little Ice Age there was a term called the Medieval Early Period that made its deep Quenup warm up before the current cooling.

Future of Coasts of the Earth

The researchers explained that their model is changing their understanding of the heat that the harbor has included in the last century. They hope that their results will help to better reflect today's warmth trends.

"Part of the heat needed to bring its ocean into a balanced atmosphere with more greenhouse gases to be present in & # 39 ; Deep Pacific ", as well as Peter Huybers, co-author of the study and professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Harvard.

The researchers said, however, that the refinement of the Pacific Ocean as a result of our Century Pool centuries will not increase the rise in global temperatures.

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