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Meghan Markle's personal person was surprised after just sending six months through the media last week. It was said that the royal asset had an important role in addressing those who came from Thomas Markle who did not have a " going to his daughter's wedding in May. But why did she leave?

Missing a personal person Meghan Mark her role just six months after the Duchess of Sussex welcomed the royal wedding officially after her marriage to Prince Harry.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the staff only indicated that Melissa was a "talented person" and "played an important part in the success of his Royal Queen" on May 19.

However, it is unclear why she left her high status, although he considers that the natural part of the place may be a part.

A source said: "It's really fishy.

"Why would she want to make such prestigious work as soon as possible."

The news comes just a month after the couple announced that they were expecting to; their first child in spring.

Anonymous source talk to Richard Eden for the Daily Mail saying: "Melissa is a talented person.

"The success of his Royal Wedding was an important part and everyone in the Royal Family lost."

Melissa was one of the nearest routes to Meghan and was one of a number of staff to help coordinate Prince Charles and Meghan's royal duties.

Assistant's role if it is essential to help with their timetables, & # 39; diary coordination, organizing travel arrangements and communication instructions.

Other Meghan staff include Amy Pickerell, a helpful Private Secretary, someone who works with her since the announcement was announced last November.

Samantha Cohen works as Meghan and Private Secretary to Prince Harry until there is a permanent place for Edward Lane Fox.

Kensington Palace refused to refer to the PA vote.

Narrowing news continues the reports Meghan says "remove from the rule" and blow the Royal family in the way she is in a position; fulfilling its duties and interaction with the staff.

It is said that the country sends texts to royal messengers with ideas and requests – she says that he is scrape six or seven texts per day.

The Palace Response to the Sunday Post Posted: "Meghan is told she needs to start smaller clothes as a Hollywood star and better as Royal."

Meghan says that he is making ideas with the wild choices; she, including clothing she gave to the Hamilton striking music, which showed her knees – something that she is doing. Queen had recited.

The Duchess of Sussex have also sent a message on several occasions, despite being a royal protocol for a royal woman to go to; spending two nude rooms despite the weather.

And she regularly shows her shoulder at official events, Contrary to his or her mythology without going to & # 39; removing coal or more prominent styles.

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