Deputy Head of ISS Blames Station on bottle repair


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Astronauts aboard the International Spas Station (ISS) depend on the station's tunnel to protect them from leaving the space. Even a small bankruptcy can block an accident for the station and its team, so workers on the ground will closely monitor the conditions. It's a good thing too. It was notified that the crew had a weight; going down in September last year, continues to be & # 39; found a small hole in the stationary Russian Soyuz capsule. Many have been considering this, but ISS's director, Alexander Gerst, now says that he believes that the hole has resulted in a federalized repair work.

The subsequent investigation on the Soyuz spoil was to be a rider's way to show the relationships that had been; a decline between the US and Russia. Initially, NASA believed that the hole was the result of a micrometeoroid effect. However, closer scrutiny showed a number of groves and drills that could be made by drill. Since the damage was within a Russian spacecraft, Roscosmos was asked to investigate. Russia's wells and officials have repeatedly referred to the fact that the hole was a result of a single business sabotage, even going as long as I'm supporting the ISS team.

Soyuz capsule was donated to the ISS in June 2018; carried by three passengers: Sergey Prokopyev na Ruis, Alexander Gerst of Germany, and Serena Auñón-Seansalair na SA. Gerst returned to Newfield last year, and sat down recently for an interview with BBC Radio 4. When asked about the hole, it was not much larger. It is believed that someone has damaged the ground on his / her; spacecraft and properly repaired.

According to Gerst, the hole was more likely to be caused by a drill, and not as the type of drill drums aboard the ISS. The 2-millimeter hole in the horse caused the pressure of the station's weight, but it was not always the case; threatening life on crew. There was a small place of storage at the hole over the roof, shows someone who tried to repair the damage, said Gerst. If the machine failed while the capsule was a & # 39; going to the ISS, the team may be at greater risk due to the smaller Soyuz compared to the entire ISS.

So, there is still a question: who made the hole? At least one example is similar to the damage to the Soyuz capsule. In that case, a worker caused the land to be damaged by his / her; spaceboat and tried to cover up the error with an epoxy paper. However, the damage was detected pre-immersion. A problem is similar to this trip, but no one has been damaged in time. It's not as seizure as an outdoor sport competition, but there are not many things.

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