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Presentation of posts to the headquarters on the seventh conference of Duma City Yekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg, Alexander Kolesnikov

MP Alexander Kolesnikov saidPhotograph: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

Deputy Duma City Yekaterinburg Duma Alexander Kolesnikov has a remarkable story that could affect the relationship of the papers to a representative government. While he was & # 39; talk about the case to do & # 39; including an extra level for the photographer to the media service of the Duma, it was definitely a need to establish communications with his / her. journalist community.

"Our journalists are spoiled," explained Kolesnikov. For example, he identified the story about Regional Television about the trip from electors to Vodokanal resources. Kolesnikov said the chiefs of their home and MUP knew about the work of the campaign, and in the story he heard that "Vodokanal" was created to pour and sell water. "

Kolesnikov agreed with his colleagues' proposals to pay for media services in Duma's activity planning materials: "We are not (electors) for journalists , but they are for us. They let us join us. "He also suggested to look more frequently in terms of media qualifications at the council's advice. home and to deal with more difficult journalists: "They need (journalists) to be harder. It's like women – the harder we are with, we like. "

Most of the customers did not agree to the # 39; their opinion. Duma members talk about the need for an open-ended media policy. A recommendation was made to organize an informal New Year event by journalists and administrators, where they should talk about work and answer any questions.

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