Derblecken am Nockherberg: Seehofer and Nahles say goodbye


In the Singspiel last year he received a farewell to the Minister of Interim Seehofer. At that time the delivery of the First Minister's Office and the CSU seat to Markus Söder was a major theme.

This year, Seehofer, played by Christoph Zrenner, is still a support post. It may seem to be mostly outside the Foreword Minister but on television, as well as the first speech program sung by the artist cabaret Allgäu Maximilian Schafroth. Because the name of Seehofer does not appear on the guest list, it appears that it has been deleted.

SPD Nahles also says

For the first time this year, SPD director Andrea Nahles announced in the Singspiel that Nikola Norgauer will move into her role. But for the Nahles obviously it's not a reason to go to Munich. She may also have dismissed her part.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who often appears in the Singspiel, will not. But she was only two hours later on the Nockherberg.

High reputation for state and federal politics

However, it is absent for the strongest extinction of political strength: it is named, inter alia, Prime Minister Markus Söder, deputy Hubert Aiwanger of the Free Freedom, leaders of parliamentary institutions. Greens Katharina Schulze and Ludwig Hartmann and Parliament President Ilse Aigner, SPD Bavarian Chairman Natascha Kohnen and Chief Executive of Munich Dieter Reiter.

Many guests emerge from federal politics – for example, the Chief of the CSU National Association Alexander Dobrindt and the Minister for Transport, Andreas Scheuer, but also the Minister for Justice Katarina Barley, General Secretary SPD Lars Klingbeil, Vice-Presidents of Bundestag Claudia Roth and Wolfgang Kubicki, leader of the communications -Foction Dietmar Bartsch and Prime Minister of the Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet.

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