Dermendzhiev: There is a lot of tension in Levski


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Levski's coach Georgi Dermendjiev gave the 1: 1 shot against Lokomotiv Plovdiv on Gerena at a high "blue".

"We had situations, but we lost them and football is playing goals, but we've been guilty of ourselves, but I'm happy with the boys because they've been doing a lot and This game is the best of my coming in the game, but they have a lot of stress because they wanted to do well and to win to make the fans happy who came to the surgery. "

"They did not have a clean situation, but everyone can be wrong, we have a lot of work to reach the level I want to be a team, Levsky needs to work on many sides, that is the situation -nis. " This psychological time, a month ago, I think it's a # 39; affecting the players, they wanted to show most of them, but it was difficult. "

"If we were the first one, it would be different, but football was the truth, it finished 90 minutes and it was the 1: 1 result. New changes are made very well and I believe they will play better. We will work together and want together to make a better game. But the players have a & # 39 ; accustomed to a slightly different style Although the product is not so happy today I'm happy There are many months where we kept the game in control of the game There were also many people mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes The situation is that religion is a long time, but keeping its successive manager. We need and achieve, "said Dermendjiev.

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