Deschamps remembers Pogba, La Celeste very well informed


1. France can not fill the gap from Paul Pogba

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Pogba, France also lost a director in the middle of a garden.

The World Championships went into the international series in November with many of the promotional factors of Paul Pogba, Lucas Hernandez, Thomas Lemar, Anthony Martial and Alexandre Lacazette. However, in those cases, Pogba could not do it; most of the impact and effectiveness of the French team.

The Manchester United midfielder helped the home team move easily from front to attack with accurate crosses, beautiful pieces … Pogba was on the park, and Les Bleus was also good. emergency situation; Behavioral assistants and active anti-defense protection to strengthen the center of the park; At the same time, the pressure decreased on the protection system.

Didier Deschamps has a Tanguy Ndombele decision to be used as a mid media Nile Guitar Kante. At the same time, his mid-player's Blaze Matuidi is a play on the left of the home team. Despite this, Ndombele has little thought of the young talent. Francs can not help with arthritis and the connection between the attack and the middle of the park effectively. The 21-year-old needs more training if he wants to replace Pogba in the future.

2. Les Blesu is not ineffective against the attack

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France won the game thanks to the successful 11m war of Giroud.

Didier Deschamps gave the campaign to reach Uruguay's goal just after the whistle. France defeated the attack arrangement well thanks to the move of movement through Kylian Mbappe, Antonio Griezmann and Olivier Giroud on the line. The ball is particularly circulated in the corridor on the left, where the presence of Ferland Mendy, Matuidi.

Despite this, the effectiveness of the plaque invasion is not high. 90 minutes of the official game, France launched 10 shots but only three were hitting the target; They also reached an 83% pass level of the total 512 passes.

The home team also lost the massive play. The FIFA 2018 World Cup was a very powerful tool, when Les Bleus always scared the challenges for combating great air flights. As a result of Mbappe's early loss due to abuse, there was a significant reduction in firepower. Florian Thauvin can only replace the role of PSG star at this time.

Uruguay is still the hardest team under the coach Oscar Tabárez

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A good day for the work of Uruguay.

Poor work is a central role for the South American team before the French. Despite the famous stripper Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, left the loose connection and the poor shape of Uruguay's game has the ability to & # 39; Producing a lot of merchants for Hugo Lori. South Westerly

A weak and unexpected problem that causes a heavy weight on their protection. Uruguay fans have a cause to worry because both of the teams Jimenez and Diego Godin are absent as long as the home team is offset. Looking forward almost like France. However, the players like Mendez, Mathias Suarez and Martin Campana have not been a test of the French.

At the same time, Uruguay's fastest dragonflies continue to be so dangerous about the middle of areas. A young team, who is closely linked to the coach, Oscar Tabárez at this time.

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