Deschamps was not afraid of Mbappe, and he was very pleased with his full farewell to his / her; year


The influence of Tuesday over the French football players over Uruguay (1: 0) was in preparation for Stade de France to release the fight against the Kylian Mbappe home face. Star player at French Parisian Champion. German was built in the first half after a bad disaster by the Campan hospitality camp.

The nineteen-year world was ideal for the spirit of the people, and was delighted with its way through the 36 minute half into the game. When Didier Deschamps, the journalist's coach, had any silent reports about Mbapp, he replied: "It's not just calm, but there is still no concern about it. He felt pain in the shoulder after the fall, but there's still no worry."

"Les Bleus" finished a successful year, even though they had to overwhelm the disappointment that they did not expect; they won the UEFA UEFA UEFA Cup final final 2018/2019. On the previous day, the Dutch 2-2 shot in Germany, and fought in the final of Section 1 Division Department in Gelsenkirchen. In a fully flexible view, the French team had more opportunity to play in the finals in Russia, with Mbappe or Olivier Giroud to take advantage of her. First chance, and Chelsea London did not get another good chance at the start of the second half. Then, unfortunately, he played sixteen Martin Caceres himself and Giroud made the decision. "It is hopeful that we finished the year in the winning resource, and we have dealt well with the previous game with the Netherlands, which has Preparing for the League of Nations' double decisions, " fa-near I wake up. "We are somewhat unhappy that we did not do anything in the League of Nations, but it's like it. We have played a game that we did not play but we have shown our hearts and we have responded well " AFP spoke to one officer.

The "Urus" coach Oscar Tabarez has made two losses in Europe on a two-hour tour in Europe. At the Emirates Park in London, Uruguayans opposed Brazil on Friday 16 November with Brazil 0: 1. "We need to understand the challenges we play in Europe, Brazil and France, I think French was a lot better for the first 20 minutes, but then it was fair and in the second half it was fair. " he said Tabarez.

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