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Jakarta, March 28, 2019 – Vivo V15 and V15 Pro, the latest smart Vivo phones provide powerful camera features that accompany the requirements of moving image. On the front side, there is a self-Camera & camera; with VMPo V15 and V15 Pro which has an opening of f / 1.8; While he is on the back side, the AI ​​complex camera is covered with AI powers of Super Wide-Angle and Bokeh for artistic photography and creativity. The latest, in particular the V15 Pro series, Vivo also adds to the Super Super Night Mode device with 48 Million Quad Pixel, 12 Pixels Efficient on the main camera. even during the night.

Yoga Samiaji, PT Vivo Mobile Mobile Lead Manager said “The keen interest in photography continues to grow smart phones which clearly play an important role in allowing the development of camera technology and technology. with users from different situations. Vivo V15 and V15 Pro became a lifestyle society which encouraged users to take an increased interest in moving images, while simultaneously increasing the AI ​​status as a source of interaction. ” T

Cinematic AI Super Camera Wide-Angle

The development of multi-camera technology expands more opportunities to demonstrate creative methods of hunting. For traveling passengers, Vivo V15 and V15 Pro include Super Wide-Angle AI feature which is supported by the 8MP support camera which extends the image to the t 120 degrees. Through this feature, users can take pictures of views with more elements in 1 frame. To use the AI ​​version of Super Wide-Angle, V15 and V15 Pro users can operate in backup camera mode.

A unique painting with Bokeh's Light and Victory

As well as pictures of food and scenery, self-portraiting is also one of the types of photography that is often used by consumers. Not only do they link to self-reality, the use of camera cameras to consume self-sufficiency, even with specific themes, is a means for young people active in social media. expressing themselves.

The AI ​​feature in the Camera Pop-Up 32MP on Vivo V15 and V15 can turn 2D images into 3D models, making it more natural for face and light shapes. Facing AI clothes and the face of AI The skin shape can be swept and altered from the face to make it more attractive, but natural still. Furthermore, the AI ​​Selfie Light feature provides a positive light effect so that the image looks clear with a neat contrast.

For the back camera, the third camera from the Vivo V15 Camera and V15 Pro, which is a 5MP deep camera with AI positions, can help create a reasonable bokeh effect using a series of algorithms that help understanding. or have the background intelligent. AI algorithm will grow to the rear of the case to show the image more prominently.

For other photographs that support, Vivo V15 and V15 Pro also get support from the Portfolio Characterization features and AI Group that may be a helper for making even better pictures. In the form of an AI framework, it analyzes the situation in the picture and then directs the user to draw a picture that is all right. Body AI A shape gives users the ability to change the shape of their body, as they like to make a narrower, narrower line, extends lines of prone or legs. higher level.

Amazing night pictures

Evening photography, especially the main camera, is hosted by Vivo V15 Pro and 48 Mix Quix Pixel detector, capable of capturing overnight pictures more effectively. clearer. The "4-in-1 pixels" main Vivo V15 Pro camera technology consists of four pixels inside one big 1.6m pixel, to create a good 12MP picture picture.

The main Super Wind Night feature on the Vivo V15 Pro is able to improve night performance because it captures many images at a variety of times and brings them together to enhance clarity and clarity. Through feature Featuring AI Super Night, Vivo V15 Pro users can enjoy an idyllic atmosphere filled with brilliant and breathtaking light.

"In addition to production and design, we continue to develop the camera capabilities of the Vivo smartphone to make photography activities easier and searchable. We will explore greater perspectives on consumer behavior and expectations. T users to see the latest features displayed so that our results meet the needs and demands of business, "which organized Yoga.

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