Designated as the most useful fruit for women's health


Назван самый полезный продукт для женского здоровьяA good way to love avocados.

This product, which scientists say, needs to be present in the women who eat food because of their special effects on their; body. One one for women's health – avocados, they said.

The arguments of researchers why avocado is the main woman. According to health professionals, regular consumption of avocado can help to; regulates the blood accuracy and its menstrual cycle due to its & A complex mix of vitamin B2, iron and copper of this fruit.

Even avocado is known as a seafarer from getting older.

"Herbs contain registrations of vitamin E, which protect cells from the abnormal effects of viruses, which affect changing age-related changes", – telling the experts.

Also, because there is a high level of value; acidic oleic or co-writing, avocado is active in preventing the creation of cholesterol plates in the vigilance system. In addition, as a result of plenty of potassium in avocado, it will be normal to eat the heart and its; protect against the result.

Scientists are aware: many people do not know that avocado can place meat, and be a vegetable analog, increase the growth and reduce the amount of food in the body.

In addition, surveys have shown that avocado is a natural natural antioxidant, which is a cervical cancer prevention and a & n; normalization of hormone making.

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