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Former President Cristina Kirchner passed another trial, this time for "concealing, destroying or illegally exporting historical documents" after a letter from José de San Martín to Bernardo O 'Higgins and a manuscript from the previous president Hipólito Yrigoyen. The new attack, opened by the first president, could end with a fine between ten and one hundred thousand pose.

During the attack, Judith Claudio Bonadio, who was found to do so at the end of August at his grandfather's home in his home in El Calafate, sought the letter. That day a large force of the federal Police force entered the building and survived for several hours where Néstor and Cristina Kirchner discovered memorials and gifts during his political life.

In the boxes traveled from Santa Cruz to Comodoro Py, police took forty pens, a medal from New York University, one from FIFA, one from Patriarchate in Antioch, the capital of Cochabamba, a Bolivarian saber, an Arabic dirk and symbolic things, with These names include Cristina or niestor Kirchner's names, and even the sovereign canons associated with the two old presidents, claiming that the lawyer was responsible for returning to CFK shortly afterwards.

Among all the personal recommendations, the letter that Martin wrote when he was exiled to France, was sent to the Chilean liberator. This glass-conserved letter opened up the ability to find a new echo process in the authorities.

The AGN's director, Emilio Leonardo Perina Konstanstinovsky, said he was a “piece of paper” and that the judge had to send the letter to the archive for its retention and analysis. What inspired the judge judge to ask for evidence. "It would be an historical document, capable of exploring the history of the country," said Perina.

After the attack was ordered by the federal judge in the photocopying framework of the notebooks, Cristina Kirchner refused that “there is no connection between the Bonadio order and the cause of the cause. but that they are also prone to the household clothing, that it is not necessary to seize any more than causing damage and humiliation. "The vice-president added that he had also t act in El Calafate to expand it in an illegal manner and to deliberately pursue the role of creating sound and materials for daytime celebrations. "

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