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With Maxwell Cornet, Olympique, it is hoped that Lyonnais was long to have an impact on Manchester City (2-2) before being cleared during his / her. fifth day of the European League. With Shakhtar Donetsk's influence at Hoffenheim (3-2) in the last few seconds, UL has not yet received a certificate …

despite it

Maxwel Cornet was a great opponent of Manchester City.

Olympique Will Lyonnais (again) shout! With two goals from Maxwel Cornet, the French club on Manchester City (2-2) opposes two times, but agrees the appeal on his & her; fifth day of the European League.

When they were suited to their 16th, the Gones were a Shakhtar Donetsk problem behind Hoffenheim (3-2) in the last seconds! As a result, Lyon will move to Ukraine for the last game to lose the ban to second place; currently held against Shakhtar, the third place with two pieces behind the Lyonnais.

Lyon is starting well

At the beginning of her game, Lyonnais does not have to be very happy and he praised the Citizens to thanking your positive assault. More gently, the Gones got a common standard with Am Mhairigh, who is unfortunately lost on the face of Ederson! In the population, Lopes had to use himself to translate a picture from Mahrez.

The game was running! Attach to & # 39; game, the OL liked each other and even did it; fucked on an English club, but it was in the area of ​​fact that an amazingly amazing Cornet image was in front of her; Ceilidh … Until now, Lyon did not sink Cornet was near the opening of the scout by stealing his / her. bar!

Cornet enjoys Baile, the Lyonnais against …

When the retreat room returned, the Lyonnais finally won their efforts with a Cornet striking separately between the surface (1-0, 54)! Stadium Groupama Stadium! Despite her & # 39; First rescued from Lopes on the head of Agero, OL suffered after this opening and stops the head of Laporte (1-1, 62).

In the crowd, Lopes saw the worst of rescues thrown from San! Despite a great time of the city, Lyon had a get better by playing the ball without having a & # 39; worried Ederson. Then at the opening of the Rise, Cornet stopped returning Laporte for doubling his deduction from a sent perspective (2-1, 81e). What is the Ivorian game! But Lyon was still relaxing … At the corner, Agero was a bit later after the head (2-2, 83). Missing Missing to # 39; Looking forward to this, OL got a point of attraction and held the second place before moving to Ukraine where he was forbidden!

Game note: 7/10

A game of the Games League! Like the game, b & # 39; The Lyonnais event was high and it was a competition (and even gn) with the Citizens in the game. With rhythm, intense, opportunities and goals, This part is really fascinating to follow. The suspicion has been present to the end and the French team can be proud to achieve it even though it is present.

The aims:

– On a free envelope that was played rapidly after snatching on Ndombl, then asked Lesoclaint Walker before he defeated Cornet. At the mouth of the surface, the old Messin cleansed Zinchenko before opening the score with amazing tangles (1-0, 54th).

– After a free piece by Sterling, Silva was entitled to her first post for Laporte. Lach, with Rafael, made the French right change on his head to clear before Lopes (1-1, 62nd).

– After a good Lyon co-operative series, the Museum fully engages Cornet between the two major defenses in Manchester City. Quickly, the fright is back to Laporte to return to Ederson of his attraction (2-1, 81e).

– Two seconds later, Mahrez will pull a corner and Agero will go to her. Starting in front of Maral and Marcelo. With his heart, the Argentineans are amazed at Lopes and Galise (2-2, 83e). What's bad for OL …

NOTES of the players

Maxifoot gave a description (out of 10) about each player.

Gameman: Maxwel Cornet (8/10)

The Lyonnais is a great deal to Manchester City! The best and the scorer of his gateway, the Messin has been; Previously given this Tuesday! The author was the first time in the & # 39; A game with good motions and a good mix, the Ivorian lacked lucid in front of the goat with a rule and hurting her; bar. But after breaking, he won a prize for her; Efforts with the opening of the score with an amazing ear. Even more valuable after that, he gave him two fingers one-to-one side. Warrior against the Romans! Holding the 88th minute with Martin Terrier (not).

Lyon :

Anthony Lopes (6.5): guardian Olympique Lyonnais just again. Although the Citizens were not very dangerous, it was perfect in his interventions, including Mahrez strikes. Due to the leadership of Laporte and Agero in the second time, the Portuguese have still responded with parries in front of Agero no San.

Jason Denayer (7): Olympique Lyonnais protection image for an hour, Belgian was very strong. In the duellan, the mid-defense defensors were particularly industrious with a positive attack against Agero. He did not get involved in the goals, he was the leading leader of the Gones in this important game.

Marcelo (5.5): When he rises, the Brazilians were not always at all; Bringing a great deal against the explosion that challenged them. On the other hand, the responsibility of the guardian, the upper event, was good, back to the surface of the front of Agero in the # 39; first time. A good copy with some delays on Argentina's aim.

Fernando Maral (5): The general surprise of this position at the 3rd defender against S. Saint-Etienne, Brazilian declared this European turkey. Mahrez was against and Sterling, the Lyonnais won most of his duels and was just perfect. Mendy hills cover. Unfortunately, the game was scanned by this post on Aggression …

Rafael (5): After his red card against AS Saint-Etienne on Friday in Ligue 1, the Brazilians had to take hold of them. And in the opinion, the piece was right enough, with ongoing efforts to help his team. But his accomplishment was not perfect by his & her; This case in Laporte during the Manchester City showdown. More difficult after breaking, it was replaced at 73 minutes Kenny Tt (no).

Tanguy NDombl (7.5): new high quality achievement for former Aminois. The French international has just confirmed its excellent way to revitalize the normal impact and above all its potential to project, a member in his feet or his paths. Despite some dangers, it was a real portrayal for Les Gones.

Houssem Aouar (7.5): if Ndombl was great, Gonn's young talent also built his game level too! Without Tousart, on the horizon, the protection work was carried out; worrying the midfielder and it was valuable in this post. In addition, he did his skills to talk to each other, and including two small bridges, and make comparisons forward. Very good reputation.

Ferland Mendy (6.5): in the left pistist post, the Olympique Lyonnais side is the same! It was free from special defensive duties, it was not difficult to take his passage and Walker was worried, this service was obviously in gold with Cornet. Unfortunately, he also carried out the work in front of Mahrez, including interventions in the area before Caveway in the & # 39; first time. The same thing as free shipping is free of charge for Laporte.

Nabil Fekir (5.5): uncertain after the physical problem against AS Saint-Etienne on Friday, Lyon captain was well marked today Tuesday. And he gave the fans confidence about their health health quickly! In a form, he took his animation and gave him problems to the Citizens. Unfortunately, he was not as weak during his game and did not start to be crucial. Enter the 82th minute by Bertrand Traor (no).

Memphis Depay (6): At the beginning of his game, the center of Olympique Lyonnais placed a good ball from Cornet in front of Ederson. And then, it was not dangerous in front of the goals, but he has played a part in the Lyonnais game, which involves being involved directly in & # 39 ; open the cornet … before the light of the second Cornet tour starts.

Maxwell Cornet (8): read the idea above.

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Ederson Moraes (4.5): Despite Olympique Lyonnais's best opportunities, Brazilian did not have to work on Tuesday. On Cornet and Linear attempts, a caretaker of the Manchester City visitor was in danger, but this was not an active one with these special goats on his / her; bar. So, his average game was with simple interventions, but the two goals of Cornet did not have a critical decision to be incapable of being imperative.

Kyle Walker (3): a disappointing game for the south of Manchester City. He could not bring his risk into his place with Mendy and Maral's presence, he was in trouble on his back because he was captured on the Mendy and Meadhanach venues for Cornet opportunities. Guardiola has been bringing many of the Englishmen through the game and it is not a real inconvenience that a Museum has rely on its position on the game. Cornet's first goal …

John Stones (6): With Manchester City's team at times in danger of Lyon's crimes, there is no doubt the chief defender. Le Laporte created a good deal and saved a number of dangerous situations. Despite a few delays in the second aim, he was still at # 39; a good game.

Aymeric Laporte (7): French soil, a major defender at Manchester City was forever. And of course, it was successful. Just like an excellent slip to stop the face of the OL, the Habs were always in a good position to attack the Gones. As well as that, it was very good when he rose and he headed. Note that it was too short to return to Cornet at the second goal.

Oleksandr Zinchenko (3): Unless Mendy, wounded, Delph a bit; prefer for this part. In his corridor, he has many problems, not to be bent in his mountains. And, diligently, the Citizens faced the problems facing Cornet, with the difficulty in the opening score.

Riyad Mahrez (5.5): Given that Bernardo Silva was there, Algerian hit this meeting of the European League. In a post a little younger, he found his markers and was very fond of the League defender. Despite some strikes, the player who did not stop it. Leicester Lopes had already made it stable, but it was still essential for the free war on his & The first aim and corner are the second goal.

Fernandinho (4): As soon as he warned of a yellow card, the Brazilians have still tried to hold Bharaque for Manchester City. With his team's huge problems in the middle of the field, he was the only one who was in the middle of the field. Performing the revival without having a normal impact. We may also blame it because there was little involvement in the # 39; game …

David Silva (5.5): matching the other side of Fernandinho! Unfortunately, its impact has been very limited and its efforts have been reduced. On the other hand, officially, he was the only man who moved and created a game for the Citizens. Unfortunately for the Spaniard, determined when it was realized, it was too lonely to propose solutions and make shifts.

Raheem Sterling (4.5): level of performance for the Englishman. Supporting Agero, the opposition against Manchester City did not also affect the Lyonnais. In the game, he did not. He found it but never was a danger to Les Gones. It should be noted, however, that he placed the envelope free of charge on his Laporte show.

Sergio Aguero (5.5): beauty for a long time … The Argentine was not unavoidable against the Lyon defender who had been involved in the duellan for a long time. But more dangerous than the second time attempts with the first one saved by Lopes, he fired the Gones headed over to pull the team. Replace 90 minutes instead Phil Foden (no).

Leroy San (4.5): a small game for German. Unlike Sterling, Lyonnais still has some of the concerns to be deleted. But in general, it was not very effective and often has an objective of opposing defenders. We were expecting more of it even though Lopes hit. Instead of 70 minutes by Fabian Delph (no).

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LYON 2-2 MANCHESTER CITY (mid-tps: 0-0) – LEAGUE CHAMPIONS – 1st round, grp F / 5th day
Stadium: Stadium Groupama – Exit: Gianluca Rocchi

goals : Mr Cornet (55th) Mr Cornet (81st) for LYON – A. Laporte (62) S. Agero (83) for MANCHESTER CITY
the weather : F. Mendy (62th), for LYON – Fernandinho (23rd), The R. Sterling (34th), for MANCHESTER CITY

Lyon : Holidays Of Holders – – J. Denayer, The Marcelo, The Fernando Maral – – Rafael (K. Tete, 74th), The T. NDombl, The H. Aouar, The F. Mendy – – N. Fekir (B. Traor, 84th) – – Mr. Depanaidh, The Mr Cornet (Mr Terrier, 89th)

Mobile site : Ederson Moraes – – K. Walker, The J. Clachan, The A. Laporte, The O. Zinchenko – – R. Mahrez, The Fernandinho, The David Silva – – R. Sterling, The S. Agero (P. Foden, 90 + 1e), The L. San (F. Delph, 71st)

Fekir was present to manage the Gones

Cornet opened the scorpion with a subtle fire (1-0, 54)

On the other hand, Laporte has a ship in the population (1-1, 62e)

Cornet's joy to her; double folding (2-1, 81st)

Rage, Aging Achievement (2-2, 83e)

Despite this drawing, Ndombl was still excellent

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