Despite the adverse effects of her & # 39; vaccine, no compensation


Ljubljana District Court refused an appeal to the Jakelj family, who has been committing a 24 year compensation remuneration now

Melanie Jakelj,

which suffered a bad adverse effect on the vaccination of three years against sausages. Case will be reconsidered by & # 39; higher court.

Judges: And it's the crime; in the damage made after her & # 39; vaccine

The Ljubljana District Court is an example

Melanie Jakelj,

who, when he was said to have had a bat, was immunized against sausages at the age of three,

the second time. Twenty-two years ago, senior judges abolished the judgment of the local court and thought they had a " vaccine is a dangerous activity and, however convicted, the damage caused by the vaccine was dependent on the disease; case. They returned their case to the district court, telling them to find out what caused the damage to the test again, reciting Delo.

However, having been vaccinated in hospital, however, she got two other lesions

Three years later Melania got a bad effect after her vaccination, which she gave her to hospital. Despite this, she got the second dose of the vaccine after five days and then got a third. After this, epilepsy, temporary paralysis, and several unexplained symptoms occurred. Doctors 124 diagnosed her, several doctors at home and abroad confirmed that the problems are the result of a vaccine.

The only reason for health problems is just a vaccine, and as a result of this case, A rare disease of ADEM, a malicious brain disease was malicious, and believed that the biological expert

Gorazd Pretnar,

who edited an opinion on his parents' request, Delo's statements.

Plague: Problems are not a result of a vaccine

However, his court did not; heard in Pretnar, based on the expert's opinion

Milan Čižman

with UKC Ljubljana. Ciseanair believes that the problems are not the result of a vaccine and the incidental epilepsy has appeared later. In the meantime, the complainant's office complaint that the expert, Čižman, was a vicious agent and was not a neuroimmunologist who could give an opinion. Čižman is also a member of the Commission to determine the damage caused by his vaccine and has been paid by the Ministry of Health, and gave an opinion on the basis of documents from Ljubljana Hospital, where they did not find out anything and without the doctors thereafter. The court refused the request to appoint another expert in the # 39; medical profession and found out that the state was unlikely to spoil damage only because of the fact that, order a mandatory vaccine, because the rule is not illegal.




As a result of her vaccine, only one money was paid

The Ministry once paid compensation

The link between vaccine and health outcomes has been recognized by the Ministry only since 1991, that is, a nurse who suffered the second dose of hepatitis B vaccine, which was vaccinated at the end of June 2000 In addition to the severe illness and loss that has a feeling of warmth, the patient leaves a lower part of the upper body of the chest. Since she was a health carer, her vaccine was compulsory.

Compensation was granted in 2009 and also paid out in 62,593.89 euros and no valuable value in the number of 69,376.87 euros.

Non-statutory law

In February 2004, decided to & # 39; Constitutional Court that the Law has not been invasive in accordance with the Constitution as it does not. rule the State liability for damage caused by a person's mandatory vaccine. The State's liability for liability should be ruled out separately, so he asked the rector to take away the problem within a year – the date ended in March 2005. It did not happen no.




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