Despite the case of Khashoggi, Uber has a & # 39; to find out that Saudi Arabia was its board of directors


Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, has killed the Saudi relations and many international companies, such as Ober Technologies.

Shona Ghosh spoke in her article on the French version of Business Insider's website, on what happened to Ober, the US's leading international company with the main activity on the internet, the second company The world's largest private market with $ 72 billion market value. The company received $ 3.5 billion from the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Softbank is the largest in Ober, and the Roaya Softbank investment fund is supported by Saudi Arabia. According to the writer, Yasser bin Othman Al-Rumayyan received a seat in Saudi Arabia with his company, a personal advisor to the Prince; Crown, Mohammed bin Salman and general manager of the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Chief executive of Dara Khusraw Shahi said he was Looking forward to hearing more about Khashog's murder and whether Saudi leadership is involved in crime. He also explained that the company believes that it is better to wait and not. Try to publish this crime information.

"Whenever our fact is better, we will endeavor to deal with it as a company, depending on the vision we provide to judge issues, but we do not have to do it," said He attended a conference based in Los Angeles at a conference launched by The Wall Street Journal a few days ago. This situation is not completely clear at this time. "

The CEO said that the company has a responsibility for Saudi Arabia because it is "a very important investor in the company".

Speaking of how Saudi leader had been involved in killing Khashoggi, Khosro Shahi reported that his the company was convicted of this crime, and did not; The board can make any step on how Saudi is causing the results of the search.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest funding parties for companies that come up in Silicon Valley, either through the Saudi Public Investment Fund or through the Rayat-Softbank Fund, the author said .

Saudi investments meant almost half of the money allocated to fund the property, said she, saying that Riyadh had not donated money to work and slack her; the company is financed, and all are to be sold in public.

The writer said that the executive director of the Ober company said he had brought it back – along with many important leaders in the technology field – from the museum conference held by the United Kingdom next week Khashoggi death.

"When I left out of the conference, I did not follow the rest of the people who sent it out. We did not know what happened then However, because of the incident, we thought we were not going to attend, and we are now waiting for the facts, "said Khosro Shahi to the Wall Street paper after he a & # 39; the conference. "He said.

Khashoggi was finally seen to enter the Turkish consulate in Istanbul on October 2. The Turkish government insisted that Saudi agents who worked for the government and its body cut were killed by the unexpected body.

Saudi Arabia has set out its death, and has confirmed that crime has been given and investigated, but as a result, it denied that there was a supreme command in the Saudi system.

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