Despite the new snow, Slovian ski resorts are still closed


The Slovakian ski resort operators look forward to the snow and weather that they have; allows to prepare technical snow. They are ready for the ski season. At Krvavec, the machines may start next week, in November they plan to go to # 39; opening of the ski slopes on Kanin and Golte, but everything depends on time.

At the highest ski ski in Sleep in Kanin, some snow chairs have survived from the previous snow. Today, snow up to 30 centimeters has fallen and snow continues, and there is another snow; waiting for the weekend "We are really hoping there will be plenty of snow to open the ski center as far as possible at the end of November or early December" he said there. d. leader of the public body, Sončna Kanin Marijan SkornišekSouth Westerly

Air Krvavec, the snowflakes started with Friday's technical snow, and fell about 20 centimeters of natural snow. Initially, Krvavec expected to start planning on Saturday, November 24, but was first due to bad weather repression the next week, he may be on Tuesday, his company said in Krvavec.

In Kranjska Gora, they hope the plants will begin at the end of November, while Pohorje has a & # 39; the beginning of the season planning in mid-December

When just launching the origins in Kranjska Gora, it is not yet clear, but on their website they wrote that the weather was "Good, so we're hoping to open the ski tour at the end of November"South Westerly

Mariborski Marprom included snowchairs on Pohorje this weekend, when there was plenty of low temperatures; Enjoy the Snow Snow Areha. Now Cojzerica, Ruška and Areška have a cello on the streets, and at the Maribor section, a new temperature has a new snow machine; running at the end of the snow stadium. The opening of the ski season or opening day is at the door; Maribor Pohorje from 14 to 16 December. "Whether we can arrange and open a route before, depending on the weather," they explained in Marprom.

The first large vessel of snow also has a & # 39; Looking forward to Golte, where they say they are already using more favorable situations for trying to do so. make snow. The ski opening is planned on Friday, November 30, but depending on the weather, the decision will be made on Monday, November 26. The date of official opening of Golte's season is still on December 8, he explained , Golte company.

There is already 20 centimeters of snow in Pokljuka, where the Triglav Pokljuka sports center is currently preparing the cross-country skiing course for a biathlon world cup, which will take place between 2 and 9 December .

"Today's snow will be served as a backdrop for the surrounding area, if, indeed, the favorable contracts for us in the days ahead," he said Miha Hribar from the Triglav Pokljuka Sports Center and stressed it, as a result of the competition and its competition arrangements; Competition itself, the races are not available at this time for recreational users. They will be available on 11 December.

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