Destroy Pitbull reggaeton for a & # 39; Toto covered with "Tasty" classic "Afraga" by Toto TV and Exhibition


"Uallach", "unhappy" and "the worst cover in the history", some of the people who support and have received the song Chuan to Cuan of Pitbull (le Rhea), based on the famous "Afraga" song by Toto, classical since 1982.

This new version of "Africa" ​​was created for being part of it sound sound of the film Aquaman, with 20 songs. However, the good idea of ​​the product was not to create a subject for this promising movie enough and the users destroyed the music game.

In just one day, there are already over 11,000 "unhappy" videos and thousands of concepts that are in fact; question the quality of the song.

As if he lived in a parallel world, just Friday Armando "Pitbull" Pérez He marked his footprint in the Hollywood sphere, stamped as "a great music star" in the Chinese Theater instead.

Pitbull in Hollywood
Pitbull in Hollywood

"There would be no way here if I'm not for my grandmother, my mother, my heart, my heart. So my father and my family all fought hard so I could have the opportunity to be born here in the United States ", the 37-year-old singer said it's beautiful.

"For all Latin lads there, always ahead of us, always up and do not look back or go," he said. "I want to take this for example, if someone tells you that you can not or do not do it, it's impossible" but "you can not do it, you can not do it, practicable ", has been identified despite being damaging the criticisms that are in fact; destroy their song on social networks.

At the same time, Aquaman opening Friday again in the United States.

Look here the cover.

If you are not yet familiar Africa from Toto, you can hear it below.

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