Destroyed on the beach & Maria Luisa was the second largest in 2018 but did not make victims or spoil


A high 12 meter rock dropped on Thursday at the beach of Maria Luisa in Albufeira, without recording of casualties or damaging material, telling Lusa the technician of a Portuguese Environment Agency (APA). According to geological expert Sebastião Teixeira, it was reported that the last police fell last year with the Great Police "and on Wednesday or today." "There were no victims or damage to material," he said.

According to the head of the APA, which monitors the state of the rocks, the landslide was "in some size, giving about 1,000 cubic meters (2,500 tonnes) of sediment, and the causes are caused by conditions of the weather, "sea cranes.

"The collapse occurred in an area that was identified as dangerous and at the time of the year when these situations are expected to occur," he said, saying that the technicians are involved "to assess the sustainability of the top above and the warning place marks ".

Today's demolition on the beach & Maria Luísa is the second largest one that was recorded this year, last October last happened between Vau and João's beaches; Arens (Portimão) and the sixth of the last 23 years in Algarve. In August 2009, due to a shores of seashore on the beach of Maria Luísa in the town of Albufeira in the Faro area, five people killed two injuries, and this was a great deal. most of them. country.

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