Destruction of American Cruiser Tom Cruise from the "Jack Richter" series of his palace


News from the Yemen Jack Ritcher producers are played by American comedian Tom Cruise, despite showing the character of the former military inspector Jack Richter in two films of same name, due to & # 39; It is shorter than the designations of a hero; need the new post.

Lee Child, the author of the work, told the BBC that Tom was not, filming Jack Richter and Jack Reacher, fit for the place as the hero explains the novels as "a height of 195 cm" A journey is not more than 170 cm.

"I really enjoyed working with the mission of Mission Amopsepole, but I want to be honest with his character," he said, saying that the size and length of his / her; The character was an important and influential element in the drama, explaining that he did not pretend that there were no other films with Tom Cruise, that the new series is a completely new producer, asking readers to Help you to select the right actor for the TV series.

The movie goes around a professional sniper that's a 5 people killed after using 6 scenes. The police will investigate the person who made the person and arrest someone. They will Using Jack Richter, a military officer, to investigate the crime.

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