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Just over 11 years, Infinity Ward played a multi-game online game with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In this week, Respawn Entertainment, who has featured many of the leading team in charge of a title that is changing the 2007 games, has shown that they will bring troops to the world. royale prisons: Apex Legends. Situated in the same world with Titanfall 2, Modern Warfare's modern technological side is not a day, but the quality of its function is; reflecting the ways in which the competitors are trying to " match them.

Titanfall 2 engines extend beyond their position – the engine is a very modified Source used in Respawn's re-title title once again for Apex Legends, with several thweaks – in particular, to & # 39; Including essential changes required to create a large area of ​​map with attractive attractive distances. The same kind of visual insight we have seen in Titanfall 2 is still in place, but it may be that a small smaller Respawn is needed as it is used, apparently for clarity and reading – essential elements of a soldier multi-player.

However, the PC version is especially showing how close & Apex Legends is built on the requirements of the Titanfall system: the same system systems are the same as the choice of options usually. However, however, tweakables Apex Legends by-rod of Titanfall 2: HBAO + is a replacement of SSAO, although multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) is away. A super-sampling AA AA is the option & # 39; go to & # 39; for Respawn air console Titanfall 2, and so it's on a PC, where this technology is in line with a strong solid density scratch for a & # 39; getting as close as possible to 60fps lock. This is the name Respawn – dedicated to the fastest possible visual information and the imposition of less weight. It's all part of getting & # 39; feeling & # 39; right game. Again, Apex Stories have a great feeling like Titanfall 2, and this is not a bad thing.

It is clear, however, that Apex Legends becomes more difficult and so negotiation has to be made. To a large extent, this will go down to the & # 39; dynamic. It is a challenge to set up the upper and low boundaries for DRS, but its & # 39; PlayStation 4 Pro, for example, Titanfall 2 was likely to work mainly in the range 1080p to 1440p. Us think the high boundaries are similar to Apex Legends, but the settlement is likely to spend more time in the 1080p area and we even saw the supercharged PS4 hit & # 39; also 900p. Xbox One X will follow the same principles but to # 39; offer a step up, and spend more time in 1296p boundaries, and also deliver extended withdrawal speed. As expected, the basic consoles will have a different impact, to the extent to which we have added even as many as 720p aspirations on PlayStation 4 and 648p on Xbox One.

Apex stories: each consol is determined. Which best game does the respawn logo have 60fps?

Especially to say that the quality of the image is highly dependent on where your hard drive has increased its power; Concern – PlayStation 4 looks good, there is a conflict between Xbox One and the better tools that & # 39; look better, deliver better shade split and higher adult equipment (although clarity is clearly closer here in terms of indigenous solution). Glaciatic light appears to be also lowered to the lower end when comparing between a center and hardware. Due to the DRS system, the clarity of the image is closely linked to the level of a frame, and as long as it is; Most of the Apex Legends are locked at 60fps, they can go away – and these are clearly a & # 39; Feel the basic consoles.

It will start on & # 39; Initially entering the platform on behavior. By doing many scenes of impact performance & # 39; map on elevated devices, and usually to a flat level on the vanilla consoles that leave 60fps completely, with its & # 39; All of his descendants are locked to 30fps instead, before changing to 60fps as soon as the army sight appears on the screen and the action starts correctly. All consoles turn-ups have a GPU write-up width management and are willing to & # 39; Thinking that there are heavy effects while working on them; impact on performance, just when you need most. Users of the improved devices are getting slower and a clear benefit here, while & # 39; Owners of the basic consoles can see their & # 39; the effect of his & her; the impact that has been raised.

The overall consoles also have lower overall framework levels. Even greater simplicity in performance is even simple, and in particular with extended pull speed. Again, the Xbox One is the biggest vanilla that has an impact – and there is also an additional ban: playback is different from occasional times. A timetable that can see anything up to 180m in action – is clear and clear in the title that aims to update 16.7ms.

Explaining just wanting accessibility – here are some PC activities Apex Sgeulachdan … GTX 1060 on the left, Ryzen 3 2200G graphs on the right hand side.

So what does this all mean for a PC version? In line with the console games, Apex Legends is more challenging than Titanfall 2. The main Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Prize can not hold up at 4K60 at most settings, falling to the 50s in more challenging places. GTX 1060 also has similar situations with 1080p worse taxes. The solution is to be involved in changing transformational technology, take out the campaigns. In 2080 you do not have a real visual quality, but it's a Falling to GTX 1060 is much more visible. Everything says that Apex Legends is more likely than you would expect for the visual output – the Titanfall 2 technology Yes begin to show her age. And yet, Apex Legends is still capable of a range of hardships.

When I reviewed Ryzen 3 2200G of £ 90 / $ 99, I was surprised that I could run Titanfall 2 at a mix of low, medium and high sleeve settings at 60fps – all thanks to the powerful solution-solving technology . Amazingly, taking into account additional Apex Legends applications, the same can be the same – although using a GPC 1500MHz overclock (but still using the audio that is in the " Give me, I should add it). An indigenous solution needs to be placed at 900p, and DRS accepts that much lower in many cases (so amazing now) but the game is Play as easy as it's on PS4 – if it's not bigger.

Also, it is interesting that there are enough Ryzen four cores to run Apex Legends at 60fps – there is a 50 per cent use across its; board. Recalling that the Ryzen 3 2200G is not SMT tweed and needs to be & # 39; Share his GPU memory wheel, that's good. Usually the key to achieving a good PC game performance requires effective CPU usage – it's a & # 39; means that the best position can be safely stored by creating the graphic side of the equation. Apex Stories are delivered here.

In terms of vision, Apex Legends influences smart artistic leadership over technology. The Enhanced Source Engine here is a sense that it is taken to its borders in mind of its hard-working requirements, but the geometric density of the world, the quality of the artwork ( especially material) to & # 39; look good. Respawn has now been available with Electronic Arts, usually, and so the obvious route to the studio is to accept Frostbite – and its " One of the most impressive engines of the generation to team this talent is for the future projects.

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