Developing shoe boots for a & # 39; treating foot strike for diabetes


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US researchers have created a shoe shoe that helps faster medical treatment for people with diabetes deficiency.

Suicide ulcers are usually caused by high blood sugar and stomaching ridicule to feel in their feet or legs.

The researchers used the laser to create a silicon-based rubber in the vessels, and then to create a single oxygen reservoir at the base of the ulcer.

"Insole can carry oxygen behaviors for at least eight hours every day under the pressure of someone who has a weight of 53 to 81 kg," said Hongji Jiang, a researcher at the University of Purdue in the United States . "You can also change to change any Weight.

"Oxygen dosages are one of the ways to deal with these wounds, so we have put a system that will slowly deliver oxygen to allow the patient to move more," said Dr. Babak Zei, professor at Purdue University.

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