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Although this is most of its fans, Devil 4 BlizzCon 2018 was not named, with a moving spinoff Immortal Devil The role of being a major Diablo event at the event. The argument was not good, with fans afraid that it was the biggest Blizzard event; It is seen as the best place to play a game for a platform that often did not hit the signal.

Perhaps the most spectacular thing about this disaster, however, is that Blizzard first aims to identify Devil 4 at the event, but decided to pull it at the last minute. Although it is a headwritten decision, at least there can be light fans Devil 4 Surely it's happening, even though Blizzard does not yet have a & # 39; feel comfortable to publish its & # 39; program that really wants Devil sequential.

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Whenever Blizzard can appear Devil 4, there is definitely not a list of what they want to see from the game. Although there are Devil 3 it's still a lot of fun, a game that was first released every time back in 2012, so there are many improvements that can and should be made to that formula. Read on to find out what Blizzard can do Devil 4 great.

Remember Diablo & Roots in Diablo 4

Although there has been much progress in developing video games since then Devil 3 First of all, Blizzard should step back first and look at origins DevilSouth-West A clear tunnel shift between Devil 2 and Devil 3, with a small move to attack more of a high position of height and greater change when it came to level design.

However, this did not work for all, and many fans prefer Devil to keep up its dark, gothic roots and pompous pallets. It is also easy to see why: Devil 2 Especially different among their peers, and is still a hugely popular and modern game. Moving back to this attack, and away from changing the speed of some people; feeling too close to him Warcraft for comfort, do very well Devil 4 hit by fans.

In addition, Blizzard should also remember the heroes of the old games. A new record of gameplay characters would be good, but the ability to solve such as the Necromancer in-game could be a & # 39; Make a new way to keep players involved, & maybe by & # 39; complete specific criteria such as Super Smash Bros. such as a special number of playing hours or a & # 39; hitting its game on difficult levels is special.

Create a game Diablo 4 game

Although there are Devil 3 it's still funny, by entering playback already in sequence, maybe it would be a while; A slightly tired feeling compared to some of the competitors. Blizzard would not have to be restored to the wheel, as there is only as much as possible; You could do it with hacking isometric without slashing something more difficult, but it is clear that something needs to be changed here.

This can be seen in other games that try to report Devil formula. Shadows: Awakening to mix things up slightly with its & # 39; It is possible to move between characters and features with a button on a button, and although this is not something Devil 4 to appear directly, it's a & # 39; Look, with a little funny, that a new life can be pressed again.

Someone who could work here is expanding a dodge radio device that was introduced to the draft console Devil 3By posting some bit of that, and indeed doing it with PC players, it could give more players to the player. Better than better, some parry's ability to make the world a good, and help Devil the final hack & slash game on your market.

Choose the story of Diablo 4

DevilApplecross has many promises. Depth depth is included, and especially the atmosphere Devil 2 created this awareness of a bigger ceilidh outside what the player saw. It is a series with a strong pressure behind, but it is fair to say that the licensing has never reached the height of big stories.

It is a topic of debate in just why the design is hitting a home, but it's something that's wrong; Blizzard may want to face. Devil 3 This may be the worst example of this, with a story that was written by; Trying to make a bigger range but did not connect much to the characters or promises.

In fact, the Devil It's not a licensing that storytelling has ever been a priority, but it's possible to be & # 39; delivering a strong lead plot into just a few punches for the game as a whole. Title as the first one Dragon Age has shown that different character classes can lead to a deep story across their board, and build on its capability; there Devil he needs to create a dark, descriptive statement that would make every difference Devil 4South Westerly

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