Devil's Finish United! The titles of the title fell, how does Liverpool respond?


The Norwegian cousin, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, won the Manchester United football coach for the first time, On the other hand, the 24th round of the English League did not expect to lose. However, the Red Devils showed an amazing end and two 2: 2 heads were rescued home with Burnley, the fifteen table team. He came to an end on the winning lines, which after Solskjaer went on to six-game and two games. Destruction of Manchester City defender, defeated in Newcastle 1: 2.

Phil Noble, The Reuters

Old Trafford opened the score in the 51-minute Barnes co-operation, which shot Pereira on her; a member on the front of the limestone, and Wood opened. United United 28: 6 (9: 4) started, but Pogba escaped his penalty in 87 minutes, and at least the Swedish party Lindelöf was balanced. Burnley did not get her; but he was in the fifth game behind him.

He lost the second row of Manchester City board, which was very fast on the head of Castlebar and his / her; guided his fifth league prize behind him, but eventually lost 1: 2. Liverpool head, after Wednesday's leicester game, can protect Guardiola coaches to escape with seven points.

Paul Pogba (from the right) from Manchester United in the Burnley air defense bomb.

Phil Noble, The Reuters

The guests were admitted after 24 seconds when David Silva after the Sterling center was devastating to burn a duel with Dobravka who was a knife and his armor. thrown into the empty Agüero goal. But Home Rondon was set up in the second half and after a visit from Ritchie from the unexpected penalty of the 17th team of the board.

Chelsea Arsenal arrived

Chelsea's fourth place attacked Arsenal, Len's defeat in Cardiff, defeated Cardiff 2: 1. You want to go for the last half an hour: Aubameyang first converted and sent The command of Lacazette, the guests went down to the situation.

Burnley Tom Heaton has kept a clean record of Old Trafford. But he did not suffer United.

Phil Noble, The Reuters

Fulham, the fifty-player, lost three times in a row and lost two reasons in both half-time with Brighton. The home team got the score 4 – 2 as home side.

England Football League – Round 24:
Arsenal – Cardiff 2: 1 (66. Aubameyang from pen., 83. Lacazette – 90. + 3 Mendez-Laing)
Fulham – Brighton 4-2 (58th and 75th Mitrovière, 47th Chambers, 79th Vietto – 3rd and 17th Murray)
Huddersfield – Everton 0-1 (3rd Richardson)
Wolverhampton – West Ham United 3-0 (80th and 86th Jiménez, 66th Saiss)
Manchester United – Burnley 2: 2 (87. Pogba z pen., 90. + 2 Lindelöf – 51. Barnes, 81. Wood)
Newcastle – Manchester City 2-1 (66th Rondon, 80th Ritchie of the Pen – 1st Agüero).

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