Dexterous cannabis can abolish bad concern in the lives of young people


The impact of drug in different stages of life again open with current study. Sealladh gu cannabis and to stress in youth that could benefit worried when age, according to researchers from the Department of Historic Sciences and Health of Scotland University of Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

The work, carried out with test animals and published in the magazine Neuropharmacology, shows that a combination of the two elements that question "can cause long-term worrying disorders marked by fear of experience".

The investigation was led by Fernando Berrendero and Rafael Maldonado who had "already known a prehistoric and epidemiological data that suggests that the consumption of cannabinoids in youth can be increased the risk of starting anxiety in adult life. "

Axis of the new scientific donation and the factor "fear"

In this study we have examined what happens to the evening at the same time tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and emphasis in youth. The authors of the study noted that there should be incentives, sometimes, incentives that should be neutral, such as seeing the dentist who is in a position; throwing her white "At Risk", which would be "the pain he remembered in previous times, and responding to him from scared"

"Usually, the reviews are scared over time, because the incentive is likely to be a decline in the negative experience. This fear is called to death. But when the fright is not outright, there are issues of concern such as tumors struggling after trauma, collapses or disasters, "says.

Teenagers were treated THC and they were weight loss They showed that they were "deleted" to be extinct " when he is old.

The results of the work show that this will affect using cannabis early they depend significantly on the consumer environment and that stress situations, which may be customary for users of these materials, can ease the impact of cannabis.

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