DG Shanghai's big show off! Di Lieba attempted to complete "ET Fashion" co-operation final


▲ Fashion Fashion Week Inventory Milan Di Lieba. (Figure / Dolce & Gabbana Weibo's trouble)

▲ Di Lieba received an agreement from DG Asia Pacific brand ambassador since February 2018. (Official figure / information / official flip photo microblogging)

Reporter Zhang Wei / Broad report

The Italian exhibition Dolce & Gabbana (DG) for a major program was held in Shanghai today (11/21). I did not expect the previous promotional film "Chopsticks to eat" to continue to an improper controversy. Then the photographer removed it again. "China is a country." "There was a series of revival effects. Although the brand said the" shocked account "and" a great re-organization "show, it was still difficult to be angry. Posted by a brand ambassador Di Lieba, even from Asia-Pacific, is the "cooperative end".

▲ ▼ Di Lieba. (Figure / microblogging studio flip photo Di Lieba)

▲ Di Lieba has been officially named "finishing collaboration". (Photograph / photo sculpture Jia Dili Reba Studio Weibo)

DL expansion is not about rupture, Dilierba's efficacy is not yet expanded, another brand ambassador on Xiaoxian mainland Wang Junkai, earlier stated that he did not attend the evening show, the next step after Dilizhba Cooperation is subject to continuous observance.

In addition, although it is unclear how Dilierba agrees the one-way collaboration, as their union tax can be worked out, but the icon in the network's mind is greatly enhanced, it is recommended as "hard", "live", "lastly just once" "Hot Ba Gang ", some of them say" She usually became an ambassador from Asia Pacific, I'm proud of her: she is not an ambassador in Asia today, I'm more proud of there! "

▲ Fashion Fashion Milan Dolce & Gabbana. (Figure / CFP)

▲ Di Lieba has been able to stand again on the run-off of the DG Milan Fashion Week for her ban. (Picture / Photography / CFP)

DG was hoping to host "The Great Show" at the Shanghai World Expo Center tonight. Initially, this promotion and invitation to 60 major broadcast, and # 39; Featuring 10 stars also taking part in the scenes, 400 catwalks, and a preview of 500 sets of styles. Thinking about propaganda film was causing a series of storms, and so Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Chen Xuedong, Di Lieba, Wang Junkai did not attend, the last two of speakers still a & # 39; appear.

▲ Fashion Fashion Week Inventory Milan Di Lieba. (Figure / Dolce & Gabbana Weibo's trouble)

▲ Di Lieba does not seek an attempt on DG's platform and publicity. (Official figure / information / official microblogging flip photo)

Di Lieba said: "It is the nobility of our native mother, his mother-in-law is above all else." Wang Junkai said: "The mother is higher than everything else. We are always proud of our cultural heritage and our spiritual spirit. There is no doubt. You are the best thing!" A strong family.

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Weibo officially published Weibo told Usibo two hours before returning to the event, showing that the event was re-registered for some reason. But mainland media did not say; they received official notice of "stop" on an afternoon. The situation maintained and expanded web users. Moving out of China, the future of DG in a market in the mainland, it has to be difficult.

▲ ▼ 2019 spring and summer Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana. (Dolce & Gabbana fan page / off-line)

▲ Di Lieba came to Milan Fashion Week for the UK catwalk in September. (Figure photo / photographic information / official flip page followers)

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